1. bonez59

    E300 timing chain

    Hello, as some of u know that i have had major rattly sound coming from the engine, well found part of the slide rail had snapped off, so thought id change it, started taking it apart and check the timing, put the bolt through the inlet cam, both the little dots lined up but the bottom pulley...
  2. alexdyer

    C180 timing chain change

    Hi from a previous post yesterday I have come to the gloomy conclusion that the chain is going to have to be changed. Could anyone give me some detailed directions on the replacement procedure. I am a proficient home mechanic and known i will be upto it with a few helpful pointers. Thanks in...
  3. martyz

    timing chain replacement .

    Hi guys, having read a number of posts regarding timing chains, there seems to be some ambiguity as to when,or if indeed ever it is necessary to change the chain.Having had vehicles in the past with cam belts that have snapped and having to deal with bent valves etc makes me slightly nervous...
  4. S

    timing chain stretch check 240d

    Apologies if this has been asked a million times but how do you check the timing chain stretch on this engine? If it needs changing, is it relatively easy to do using a chain and a split link? thanks
  5. iansclk

    clk 200 timing chain

    Just picked car up today,my question is does it have a chain or belt and also how often does it need changing? cheers peeps
  6. S

    C180 timing chain failure?

    Hi, First I have to say this is my first ever Mercedes and I'm rubbish with cars at all Recently this C180 Sport came to an abrupt stop and didn't start since. All the signs point to timing chain failure apparently (camshaft not moving, light sound when cranking). But I still won't believe...
  7. CraigBEDS

    Snapped timing chain on CLK230K

    My timing chain snapped. I hear this shouldnt happen? What is the damage likely to be? Is it worth investigating or should I just replace the engine? Would appreciate any advice on this one please..?
  8. M

    M116 4.2 V8 timing chain (new!)

    Has anyone got a new one kicking around in the back of their sheds that they no longer need - before I spend the money on a new one? It's for my 1989 W126 420SEL Cheers, Martin
  9. chubbs111

    chain or belt

    please dont laugh at this question my 97 c200 is it belt driven or chain many thanks in advance
  10. J

    Chain like rattle, auxilary belt tensioner?

    I've only had the car awhile, but I've noticed say when parked near a wall, the resonance is very chainy, often squeaky... I've just changed the Oil with 5w-40 Fully Synthetic and the stuff that came out wasn't half bad, so I'd assume it isn't a tappet issue. There is a definately chainy...
  11. B

    W124 E36 timing chain

    My engine is sounding quite noisy recently but running fine. I wondered whether it is a timing chain tensioner issue, but should I be thinking of changing the chain now I have done 262k? She is due for a service shortly so could get this done at same time but I don't want to spend money getting...
  12. D

    OM603 broken chain cover: does the head needs to come off?

    Hi all, Haven't posted here for a while, but here goes: On my 1988 300 TD the attachment point for the power steering pump, which is part of the timing chain cover casting, has just broken and I'm facing crucial decisions. Does anybody know if the head must be removed in order for the...
  13. M

    Bust timing chain on a class - ditch/repair?

    Hi all - i really need some help making this decision - i've only had my lovely a class since september and it basically died the other day after a few days of dodgy starting. The mechanic says the timing chain has broken and this has in turn broken some valves. He says that it needs a new...
  14. stwat

    Snow Chain Fail.

  15. W

    BMW snow chain - FAIL

    Shamelessly stolen from another forum, but thought it might amuse a few here. Made me laugh :)
  16. S

    Suspected Timing Chain Jumped - Merc CLK 200

    Hi. I have a Merc CLK 200, 2003 (53) reg. A few weeks ago, on Cold Start the engine started juddering. Last week the engine started juddering whilst it was hot and then stopped juddering in a few mins. Now my car doesn't start at all. The RAC man wrote the following in his report, but I am aware...
  17. SPX

    Chain or belt on Shogun 3.2 DI-D?

    As the title suggests, I have been offered a 2002 Shogun 3.2 DI-D in part exchange and wanted to know if they are on a Cam chain or belt. Thank you in advance.:thumb:
  18. M

    w211 - Engine won't Start!! CPS,Timing Chain,Fuel Pump????? Help Pls..

    Hi All, First time poster but have found info on here invaluable in the past so i hope you can help. I have a 2004 E200 Kompressor, 180Klm on clock, had regular services and just had one about 3 weeks ago as the engine sounded like it was pulling dirty gunk from the sump(sorry im not a mechanic...
  19. MOR8A

    Cam chain still for life?

    Does anyone know if the cam chain on the W211 E55 is for life? I had a W124 500E before and was told that that was for life. I'm sure it has not changed but thought I would ask.
  20. A

    Clk 320 3.0 cdi 2007. Engine torque settings and timing chain diagram

    Hi, I've just bought myself the above car and i'm after some technical data if anybody on here is able to help me out? I need the cylinder head torque settings and a timing chain diagram please. Many thanks, Carl.
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