1. I

    M102 Twin Timing Chain from what year?

    Hi, I've dug around, but no success with this one. Would anyone know what 2ltr (ish) M102 got the Twin Chain, was it the 962? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Paul
  2. L

    M271 Timing chain alignment tool

    As I intend to renew the timing chain om my C180 I have been trying to source the clamp that holds the chain against the sprockets whilst the old chain is being replaced by the new. I can get them from the USA but seem to be drawing a blank anywhere closer. :dk: I thought I had cracked it when I...
  3. L

    M271 timing chain dimensions

    Apologies if this has been answered before but I could not find the correct search term to get an answer. My 203 has now done 98,000 miles so I intend to check the timing chain for signs of stretching. Does anyone have the dimensions of a new chain so I can compare it to mine and also the...
  4. S

    warranty! Time chain and tensioner gone

    Dear friends, I bought a 57 plate s320 from my company for personal use. It had 128k on the clock when I bought. The engine was replaced with new engine at 107k by mercedes dealer in 27th September 2011. There was some noise coming from engine area in cold start since last month. I...
  5. M

    How to change timing chain???

    Hello my name is Thomas from Sweden, and I need to change the timing chain on my Mercedes Benz E430 W210 Y:1998 Do I really need to tear down the engine, or is there a link on the new chain to the old one and then turn around everything until the new one is fully on? Have asked around at...
  6. RossMateee

    Timing Chain or belt

    Hello I have a Mercedes c180(w202) a 1.8 automatic and not sure wether it is a chain or a belt, it is too much hassel to take everything apart to tell so not sure?
  7. C

    When to change timing chain on A210

    Hey guys, my car is in the garage at the mo getting work done for the RWC which it failed on front top mounts, NSR shock, and rear pads. While it's there, should I get the drive belts done too, mileage is 77,139. Got no history. Also, what about the timing belt/chain? When is that to be done?
  8. C

    Timing Chain Tensioner

    hi, Does anyone know where the Timing Chain Tensioner is on the OM642 V6 2010 Sprinter Van many thanks Philip
  9. haggis2768

    snow chain switch

    In the handbook it says. 'This improves starting off characteristics. Can anyone tell me what the snow chain switch actually does? Thanks
  10. John Page

    1985 MB 3808 SL Chain Tensioner

    I have had a couple of 380's and always have had the chains riddle and have replace four chains in two car and replaced tensioners at least four times. Is there any way to retro a tensioner with a stronger spring and not have the ridddling when you start up. Or even making a tensioner that is...
  11. atsa2013

    e200k timing chain replacement.

    hi...can any one tell me how much it would be to change the timing chain with original mb parts and what els shud be changed along with it......thanks
  12. arfan786

    w126 560 sec timing chain replacement

    hi just wanted to know when is best to replace the timing chain a 560 sec has 124k on the clock. I have had the car fully serviced a few weeks ago, but was wondering whether i should have timing chain replaced now or not? what are the signs to look out for which suggest the timing chain...
  13. T

    M111 Timing chain Life

    As the trusty 124 marches on @ 227K now I was wondering what the life of the Timing chain was & or the Tensioner. Should I be considering renewal? The Engine does have a rattle, especially cold Boyd
  14. H

    Cam chain fault then major problem.

    Hello all, first post and “OH” need advice. Bought a 03 C180 with 71.000 on the clock no initial bad sounds, faults,drives well and has the MERCEDES renowned badge on the bonnet, and got it for a good price, what more could you want. 1000 miles later a misfire, checked it all found nothing...
  15. S

    2005 slk 200 Timing Chain

    Hi guys. I just purchased a 2005 slk 200 kompresor , what an awesome vehicle , but have since been warned about the timing chains going . Is this true ? And if so what if anything can be done to prevent this. Or should they be replaced at a certain point. Thanx Steve
  16. D

    Timing chain! .. cost?

    so im looking to upgrade my slk to a 2002 model, i have 3 to look at and they have all roughly done 100k miles, which i believe this is the time to change your timing chain, any ideas as to what it would cost and is it only MB dealers that can do it? .. also are there any hints if its going on...
  17. D

    chain or cambelt for 300SL?

    Does my 300Sl - 24 have a chain or cambelt? The manual talks about 'arrangement of the V belt'. Is this a cambelt? And whatever it is will it need replacing? thanks
  18. grober

    Cold chain mission

    Anybody watched the Ewan MacGregor Cold Chain Mission programs about supplying vaccines to children in the Third World. Gives one pause for thought for the immense disparity in the world's resources in the most remote regions of the world. BBC iPlayer - Ewan McGregor: Cold Chain Mission...
  19. U

    Timing belt or chain?

    Have a 1999 C200 Sport (W202 I believe), and wondered if it has a timing chain or belt, looks like a belt to me but I have heard people saying they have chains. If what I see is just a fan belt, it's a bloody big one! Any help appreciated :)
  20. RaceDiagnostics

    Another broken chain rail

    Well after hearing an odd sound for a few seconds last time I started the engine, I thought I had better investigate. Since I have all the parts for a full chain, guide, tensioner replacement gathered for my old engine, I thought I would go all the way and do the full job. I expected that the...
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