1. B

    Timing chain tensioner

    Guys I'm going to change my timing chain tensioner. My car is a v reg c180 elegance. Is there any special way I have to remove the bolt and replace it? Cheers craig
  2. K

    CLK W209 - Belt or chain?

    Hi folks, I've used the search function on here and done a general skoot around the web, but can anyone confirm if this model has a timing belt or chain? If belt, I'm guessing it needs doing around 75k, right? Cheers David
  3. M

    Timing chain

    A friend has a "51" plate Mondeo 2.0 TDCi LX (115). Her tame mechanic was talking about timing belt replacement - until then I was sure they had chains not belts (engines should be held together with bits of metal, not elastic bands) I did just check this to make sure I wasn't going loopy, but...
  4. K

    W126 timing chain

    So ive ordered the parts and im planning the following over the next few weeks; timing chain upper guide rails tensioner rail lining tensioner From the manual the procedure; 1. Remove spark plugs 2. remove rocker arms on right hand camshaft 3. Remove chain tensioner 4. Cut old chain 5...
  5. W

    Removing upper timing chain guide rail pin - 1993 190E M102 engine

    Hi Gang, Started stripping the 190E yesterday (M102 1.8 8v) in order to replace the head gasket. All going fairly smoothly so far, just need to remove a last few nuts/bolts from the inlet side and take out the chain tensioner/cam etc. I haven't touched the pin for the timing chain guide...
  6. M

    W124 timing chain gasket replacement

    I believe the above needs replacing on the 3.2 M104 engine in our '95 estate so I fancy doing it myself (seems straightforward enough as long as you keep an eye on the timing chain itself and dont let it jump a sprocket) I have printed out a number of links on american sites but wondered...
  7. Wookiepelt

    Thule K-Summit Snow Chain

    Hi all, It's been a very long while since I last visited this forum but when in need of info relating to the MB, I always come back here... Anyhow, it's that time of the year again with the cold spell about to set in. After getting stuck last year in the 211 when it snowed in London, I was...
  8. proser

    E320CDi timing chain

    following on from my previous post I have eventually got round to doing a static timing today. I locked off the camshaft and this was where the timong mark on the crank pully was For those in the know, is this to far advanced...
  9. M

    head gasket change...need help with chain guide bolt

    doing the head gasket on my 2.6 190e and i have come across a problem with the chain guide bolt. it looks as though it has been sheared off inside itself. any advice as to how i can remove it..... this is the first headgasket i have done on a 2.6 merc. i have been following the guide for...
  10. P

    chain tensioner where is it?

    hi all, in the process of lifting the head off my 2003 c200 1.8 kompressor, having got to the stage where i need to remove the tensioner, now all i can see on the side of the chain cover is a 4cm diameter black rubber circle, is it behind this? its right behind where the alternator was which the...
  11. G

    vito 108d timing chain snapped! Please help.

    hi all, the timing chain snapped today on my 1998 vito 108d. Removed the rocker cover and all the chain was located around the tensiner area, and not around the pulleys. Any advice on how to thread a new chain around the system please. Had alittle look, was thinking to remove the vaccuum...
  12. proser

    Double Chain breaker/riveter

    Does anybody know where I can get a chain breaker/riveter for a double roller timing chain I have seen a few on Ebay, but not sure whether they are suitable for a double row chain.
  13. R

    Timing Chain Tensioner 280CE 110

    Hello. I need to release the timing chain on my 110 engine as I am replaceing the head gasket. I took off the plug, at least what I think is the plug but I didn't see what I expected. Here is a photo. How do I proceed from here? I thought the spring would come out behind the plug and that there...
  14. L

    E200c 1997 timing chain ?

    Just changed head gasket on E200 - everything good except it has developed a whinning noise - thought it might be pulleys - checked all ok, might be chain? any ideas? would be appreciated.
  15. M

    Brand New Timing Chain for W210

    Hi everyone, This timing chain was bought for my 2000 W210 E320 cdi a while back with the intention of changing it. Unfortunately the car was gone before i got around to changing it. Recently found it while clearing out garage and is of no use to me now. It was bought brand new from Mercedes...
  16. M

    w123 230 CE Noisy Timing chain

    W123 '84 230 CE. The engine is very clattery when started from cold for a few seconds but as soon as the oil pressure comes up on the guage, the noise disappears. I have been told this is probably the timing chain and it seems to be coming from the front of the engine. Oil pressure when idling...
  17. R

    mercedes vito cam/timing chain

    recently bought a 1997 vito 108d with 67,000 miles on the clock have no record of the timing belt or chain being done so will need to get it done what i want to know is the when the cambelt should be done and what sort of price the lovely dealers charge for a job like this ? thanks alot
  18. KillerHERTZ

    M112 V6 leak in the timing chain cover/guiderail

    I have had a tiny oil leak for the past year at the front of my engine. Yesterday/today my car has had a major service/MOT (which it sailed through of course :) ) and, after speaking to my mechanic he showed me where he thinks the leak is coming from. After looking at the engine diagrams on...
  19. bpsorrel

    220 cdi - timing belt or chain?

    A fiend of mine has a C220 cdi and asked me whether it has a tming belt or chain. I don't know, so thought I'd ask the knowledgeable folk here! Also, if it's a belt, anyone know the changeing mileage? many thanks!
  20. K

    C220 Elegance 1994 Timing chain?

    Hi, Test drove a 1994 C220 Elegance auto, FSH up to 45k in 2003, it's mileage in now 50k - 6 years later, worried about the timing chain, does it need to be replaced?? Car in great and original condition, want to buy if wife lets me! Kind regards, kevwey
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