1. P

    C250d gearbox

    Very quick question, which I can't find the answer to easily - when did the W205 C250d change from 7G-tronic to 9G-tronic transmission?
  2. R

    Five garages and no one knows what is wrong.

    The AA, my regular garage, a Merc specialist, a brake specialist and a Merc engineer have all looked at my car and agree there is a real issue, but none know what it is. The latest idea is that it is a gearbox issue. Does anyone on here have an idea or how I can diagnose the issue? The...
  3. M

    W211 gearbox problem??

    On my W211 the gears when going up its all ok nice,smooth etc. The problem occurs sometimes when slowing down or braking. Like I said it's not all the times but the felling is like the gearbox I'd dropping not on gear down but more causing the car to dont know how to described but like jump a...
  4. T

    What Gearbox ?

    Anyone know what gearbox I have or how I can find out - C220 CDI AMG SPORT 2013 7G tronic plus - I specifically want to know max torque as just has a remap done up to 515nm (previously 400nm standard)
  5. F

    gearbox probs

    I've recently acquired a 2003 E320 petrol car I'm not very happy with the gearbox performance. On start up there is often resistance to moving (as if the hand brake is partially engaged) Once I've overcome this it starts to move slowly in what appears to be 2nd gear. If I press down on...
  6. M.A.94

    Auto gearbox doesnt creep forwards

    W210 e320, feels as though it isn't creeping forwards (or back in reverse). Could this be due to the oil being thick with the cold weather or do I have a problem?
  7. T


    Hi, I have read there can be a few problems with the 7G-Tronic gearboxes, has anyone had any problems? Many thanks.
  8. Beardz

    E220 (212) Gearbox Issues

    Good morning, Yesterday I spent a long time on cruise control on motorways, when I moved to A roads the gearbox seemed to be holding onto gears before changing up. When I had a chance I put it into park switched the engine off and then started it up again. At this point the engine light...
  9. E

    MB E350 W212 gearbox problem

    Hi! I have some problems with MB E350 W212 with 7G tronic transmission. There are some probems accelerating from 40-50km/h, sometimes acceleration is not smooth and there is small vibration. It seems to be on 3th or 4rd gear, mostly when cruising or slowly accelerating. When accelerating more...
  10. mark_le_b

    Double clutch gearbox.....?

  11. John

    2008 CLS 320CDI gearbox judder.

    I have a colleague with said model and is experiencing a juddering when the car is in gear. Apparently it is very bad in reverse but quite bad in forward gears. Gets better as the car gets warmer but never goes away. Still drives OK. Car had the control unit re-flashed to sort out bad...
  12. R

    Gearbox issue (attached fault sheet)

    Hi, I'm brand new to the forum and due to an issue with my car I've attached a fault code sheet to seek some help :( After a long journey my clk270 seemed to go into limp mode and wouldn't change gear, it was also making a whining noise... I've took it to a garage and I've attached the...
  13. E

    '94 SL500 - Gearbox? Ecu? Here we go again...

    Strikes me as rather odd, this one, but possibly someone on here has had the same problem. The car is a 1994 SL500 - M119 engine, old hydraulic four-speed auto box. Engine and gearbox warm. The car started fine, but the throttle seemed rather flaccid - plenty of travel and nothing, then it...
  14. D

    New gearbox modes dangerous?

    Just spotted in the press release about the new E63 gearboxes. The 9 speed, I believe, and that it has several modes. I am merely questioning one of them. "Comfort" is the well-balanced drive program with a comfort-oriented suspension and steering set-up, as well as a fuel-efficient powertrain...
  15. E

    CL 55 AMG 5 Speed Automatic Gearbox.

    Can someone please tell me what the capacity of the above mentioned gearbox is? Regards Louwtjie Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  16. L

    Help-Range Rover Gearbox

    My son's Range Rover Vogue (diesel) needs a replacement gearbox. Can anyone recommend a suitable supplier? Does anyone know of J B Transmission Services in Leyton, London? Please forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong place.
  17. M

    320 petrol gearbox growling when cold

    Pulling away from cold in my S211 estate produces a slight grumbling growling noise when shifting from first to second gear. It soon disappears as the engine and transmission warm up, and everything's fine thereafter. Any clues, please, anybody? The car has done 172,000 miles and recently...
  18. B

    W211 engine and gearbox mounts

    I'm trying to find aftermarket engine and gearbox mounts for my 2007 E280 CDI 4MATIC. There is an aftermarket right engine mount but no company seems to be producing the left one and the gearbox mount is different from the non-4MATIC one so it's also been impossible to find. Maybe I'm searching...
  19. Haris

    1994 Mercedes W140 S280 - Gearbox fault

    1994 Mercedes W140 S280 MOT Aug 2017 Mileage: 130k 2.8L Straight six Double glazed windows Soft close doors and boot Electric mirrors Cream leather interior Climate control Rear parking markers Dual-zone climate control Rear passenger illuminated vanity mirrors. Adjustable lumbar...
  20. T

    w123 gearbox 300d

    hi i am looking for a vacuum modulator to fit the w123 automatic gearbox my gearbox number is R1152714601 any information where i can get one would be great thanks tony
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