1. B

    E220 CDI 2006-2008 Auto - Gearbox Oil Change

    Hi everyone, I am new to Mercedes so please forgive me if not posting under the right section. My E220 CDI 2006 might need an auto gearbox oil change. When the car is cold, the auto is a bit funny,ie not super smooth, but changes gears as normal. When hot, is plush as anything. I just want...
  2. Sonny Burnett

    W208 CLK55 odd Gearbox issue

    Hi Guys, Got a odd issue that I have just noticed today. If I'm driving and slip the gearbox into N for a quick readline say and then go back into D the gear does not engage. Even of I pull over go go to P whatever the gear indicator changes on the clocks but the car stays in neutral, I have to...
  3. M

    OM606 with 717.412 gearbox - will it work?

    OM606 with 717.413 gearbox - will it work? This is probably more a question for the superturbodiesel forum, but there are a lot of knowledgeable people on here so worth a try... I've rescued the clutch / brake pedals, gearbox, shifter and hydraulic pipes from my scrap 250d W124, and from the...
  4. B

    722.6 Gearbox oil level problem

    I recently carried out a pan fluid and filter change on my CLK220. About 4 litres came out and I refilled 4 litres back. But for some reason my Dip stick is constantly reading the oil level right at the bottom of the stick and this is after I gave it a 20 minute drive. So far Ive added an...
  5. A

    Gearbox change

    Please help, I've just changed the gearbox and torque converter on my 2003 w211 e320cdi and the car won't start, both batteries have been tested comes back as good, what am I missing.
  6. 46thedoctor

    2015 E63 gearbox issues

    As above has anybody had any issues with this gearbox, my car has covered 5k miles and the gearbox is driving me insane! It's very harsh from cold but the concerning issue is a fault when warm. Occasionally whilst driving along in a 30mph area in 4th gear, the car will literally slam itself into...
  7. C

    E class coupe 7g gearbox reset

    Hi all, I have a 62 plate E class coupe with the 7G gearbox and am having some issues with it occasionally not changing gear smoothly when driving slow in traffic around 2-3rd gears so wondered does any one know the correct procedure for doing a gearbox reset/relearn? I've read a few online and...
  8. J

    E300 Hybrid - gearbox gone just outside warranty

    :fail So my immaculate and always MB serviced E330h needs a brand new gearbox! 40 months old, 85k miles. Never thrashed or abused. Apparently an internal failure of some kind has destroyed the gearbox. I'm getting a decent contribution by my dealer (MB Oxford) who have been good, but it...
  9. R

    CLK 320 CDI 7G Gearbox question.

    On my previous Mercedes C55 and previous C220 CDI when the Gearbox was in C mode it felt like it pulled off in 2nd gear yet put it in S and it pulled from 1st gear. With the 7G box on my CLK 320 CDI it doesn't seem to matter whether it's in C or S mode as it always pulls off in 1st. Is...
  10. brucemillar

    W124 gearbox overfill?

    Friends. My mate Dave wanted know if the 300te auto box can drop atf "if" over filled? Does it have a breather where it could push excess atf out.
  11. D

    ML270 gearbox valeo radiator advice

    Hi guys, I have read somewhere that certain models of the ML270 were fitted with valeo radiators to cool the gearboxes? Heard horror stories that they can leak resulting in damage to the box. Which years were built with these or was it just pre-facelift that had them?
  12. AndyKO

    '03 W211 E270 CDI 'Judder' gearbox advice please

    Hi guys, (Please excuse my 'lack' of technical explanation, I'm no technician) Right, I've started to notice upon driving my 270 when warmed up, especially up inclines, the car starts to 'judder'/struggle upon acceleration, easing off seems to cure it slightly. It is worse when box set...
  13. G

    My W205 - faults and gearbox advice please!

    OK my W205 is coming up 9 months old has developed a couple of small faults and one that I am not sure is a fault or something you just have to live with an auto box. 1. Door LED blown - worthy of a trip to the dealer under warranty I guess? 2. Hit and miss with the 'touch to open/lock'...
  14. Y

    CLS 55 AMG Auto Gearbox tiptronic question

    My son has a 57 plate CLS 55 AMG with an auto gearbox but has the facility to change up and down using the gear lever also however this does not appear to be working. The gearbox itself works perfectly smoothly when in drive or reverse however in drive when he (or I) move the gear lever to...
  15. h17n dj

    W126 Gearbox Specialist

    Good day all, I currently have the engine and gearbox out of my 1991 500SEL (W126). I am looking for a place that will inspect the gearbox as its out. Nothing wrong with it before I took the car off the road but want it inspected for peace of mind and whilst its off the car. I am located...
  16. M

    Gearbox repair recommendation

    Hi, Could you recommend a good place to diagnose/repair gearbox 722.9 I live in Oxford. Thanks a lot!
  17. R

    B Class gearbox issue

    Took my wife's B180 out yesterday and suddenly had a gearbox issue on the motorway. It flashed up a message saying something like reverse gear not available and should go to the workshop, even though we were driving at speed at the time. Then I noticed it was only using 2nd, 4th and 6th gears...
  18. Pegasus64

    Auto gearbox problem

    Hi I am not having much luck with this merc when I start it it will allow me to put it in reverse and work or neutral and that is fine it will even go into drive no problem but when I drive it it is not changing gear so stuck in I assume 1st gear I can not change gear using the tiptronic option...
  19. O

    Gearbox ecu

    Star has just let me know I have a defective gearbox ecu. Where is it located in the car? Does the replacement just plug in or is any additional work such as reprogramming needed? Thanks in advance for your help
  20. B


    Help needed! Any info please, 52 plate ML270, 106,000 mls, auto, when towing under load, keeps getting stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear, can't select manually, stopping and switching off seems to rectify but it comes back, any feedback please.
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