1. GrahamC230K

    Ice Road Truckers Series 3

    History channel Thursday 10th September 21:00.
  2. L

    Ice Install

    Anyone recommend an in car etnertainment fitter who can work with the central head units mercedes use? Have an A200 Turbo with sat nav and cd uatochanger want to upgrade sound significantly while keeping the head unit, any recommendations of what can be done and who could do it well? Am thinking...

    Turtle Wax Ice.

    I used this new product yesterday and can say it's good, I fell for the advertising hype :doh:, it doesn't often happen :eek:. I particularly liked the way it can be used on plastics and chrome same time as the bodywork :D. I usually use Autoglymm Super Resin Polish, that polishes off easier...
  4. R

    320ce ICE questions

    Hi all, Am thinking about replacing the ICE in my 320ce. Am replacing the front with Rainbows, and looked in the boot as to what the make of the rear speakers are. They are pioneer t-hs125. Does anyone know if these are OEM, or after market speakers?? If the latter, I guess they are an...
  5. A

    ICE advice

    Okay, the wife has agreed to let me fit a satnav to our ML270 which currently has an audi 10 with Bose amp, what's the pros and cons of getting a command retrofitted compared to another aftermarket double din unit? Both will be about same price after fitting so the easy discriminator is no use ;)...
  6. 3 phase

    New ICE system for the W124

    Since I bought the car in October 2008, the replacement of the original Becker radio cassette has been on my lists of must do's. The addition of a new stereo isn't an issue, I know what will go in there as I already have chosen the product (Sony) with MP3 capability of course. My question...
  7. Nik_Endeavour

    ICE Road Truckers - Arctic Ocean

    New Season on Five. They driving over the ocean now
  8. mw_C32

    AMG Ice Game

    Drive the C63 or and SL63 down an ice run..... for some strange reason I go faster in the C63... Mark.
  9. bobby

    How many of you have upgraded your ICE?

    Just considering my next mod, and wondered how many members here have updated their ICE? I'm getting tired of tinny bass! I've heard the way to do it would be to update new speakers, amp, sub etc. If you have done it, has it transformed the car for you?
  10. E

    Ice Number

    Got this today, Apparently this is a standard procedure all paramedics follow at the scene of an accident when they come across your cell phone. ICE - 'In Case of Emergency' We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory but nobody, other than ourselves, knows...
  11. MercFanUk

    ICE Advice

    Hello, I'm planning on replacing the standard speakers in my w202, but need some advice. I already have a decent head unit, and a pretty good amp/sub in the boot. I need to replace the front/rear doors, and the rear shelf speakers too. I'd like to replace the tweeters also if it's possible to...
  12. J

    W202 ICE advice needed

    Hi all I have installed an Alpine CDA-9853R HU, Pioneer Custom fit door speakers/Tweeters, Rainbow KX100 rear door speakers and some Mac Audio 17 CM subs in the rear shelf. Overall I am happy withe the clarity of the system but the bass distorts badly. I have used I-personalise to make sure...
  13. MikeL

    New Series Ice Road Truckers

    A quick heads up for the new series - History Channel HD, Thu 9th October (no timings or other channels as yet) Mike
  14. jaymanek

    Ice Ice Baby

    Well thought I would treat myself... Whats the point in saving all the time if someone can just come and take it all from under your eyes eh.. Anyway, I bought myself: Kenwood 522 DVD Motorised Screen Jobby Kenwood Sat Nav System Kenwood TMC unit (Traffic Re Routing Module) kenwood...
  15. A

    Speaker size for ML doors / General ICE recommendations?

    Hello Its been a long time since I was into my car audio and currenty the ML has a standard Audio 10 head unit (which I find very annoying to use...) and standard speakers. Its does sound ok to be fair......but I use to have Rockford Fosgate equipment in my car(s), mostly bought from...
  16. P

    Newbie ICE upgrade question

    Hi Everyone, Have been looking to upgrade my face-lift W203 stereo (OEM). Nothing major, just looking for slightly better sound! Does anyone have experience with the OEM replacements from Rainbow and maybe adding an amp/sub combo to a face-lift 203? Options ideas appreciated. Paulo
  17. Alfie

    Experienced ICE installer for Smart car.

    Hopefully someone here will know the answer to this:) I have been contacted a chap who is the son of a forum member here. He has a new Smart on order and is looking to upgrade the in car entertainment system in it. Apparently this involves taking the outer door skins off amongst other...
  18. BigJC

    Newbie with an ICE question

    Hi all, I've just picked up a W203 220CDi estate and I'm really pleased with it. I'd like to fit my Parrot hands free kit but I need to know how to tell if the HU is D2b or MOST, please could someone enlighten me? Its a 54 registration btw. I'd also like to fit an ipod kit too,any...
  19. verytalldave

    Turtle Wax "ICE"

    Has anyone used this new polish yet? Seems very easy to use, just wipe on and wipe off. Can be used on black bumpers, paint and metalwork so it says........... Wheres the catch?
  20. B

    ICE Upgrade CL W215

    Does anybody know the size of the speakers for the front and rear of the door on a CL (W215). The drivers side front has stopped working and thought it might be an ideal time to perhaps upgrade them! How powerful is the bose amp in the rear? Has anybody undertaken an ICE upgrade for a CL...
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