1. J

    W211.022 Turbo prices

    I might need a new turbo for a 2007 320 cdi, had a quote of £395 + vat on replacement basis from aet turbos in wakefield, just querying if that's a competitive price or not and if anyone has recommendations on where else I can look for one.
  2. Palfrem

    Virgin hiking prices again - What Freeview box?

    VM putting up its prices again it seems. Around 5% We have one of their Tivo boxes. We don't subscribe to movies or sport - we just use the box for recording TV. Plan on getting one of these Freeview HD recorders - any ideas on which is the best please? Any others out there? Hoped for...
  3. John

    Chippy prices?

    What sort of money would I be looking at to get a chippy to install new door handles, mechanisms and hinges? Talking 10 typical internal house doors with minimal firmer-chiselling to get them to fit. South East rates more relevant here! TIA
  4. W

    C63 Remap Prices?

    Do we get discount with MSL or is £700 a good price for there Map and £800 for Eurocharged V5 Map? Previously used A local specialist for mapping many performance Cars ( E92 M3, MK2 Focus RS Stage 4 & Audi TTS ) and they retail at £400.00 With a great reputation. Not wanting to start any...
  5. gramey

    R129 used parts prices

    I often have a little trawl through ebay having a look at R129 parts for sale as much out of curiosity as anything else. I've noticed that one particular parts seller specialising in R129 parts is more expensive than buying new parts from my main dealer, what's that all about? I'm not talking...
  6. T

    E-Class Cabrio Prices now on MBUK Website...

    I'll have to start saving..... :cool:
  7. A

    Service prices dealers etc

    My car is a W207 E250 CDI coupe 2011 I need an oil service, and transmission service Mercedes online (Dartford,Kent) is quoting Service A £271.50 (is that just an oil and filter change?) Automatic transmission service £416.09 Seems really highly priced, would i be better to get...
  8. R

    C63 Prices...

    Considering the W204 C63 is now approaching ten years old, prices are remaining strong. I'd love one but my budget is a maximum of £15k. The cheapest appear to be available for £18k but are CAT D or examples with 9 owners and high mileage, in other words one best avoided. Do you think...
  9. neil2860

    Good stuff at good prices.

    Bought a bunch of cleaning goodies from The Polishing Booth, very reasonably priced, good service and the guy really knows his stuff when it comes to getting your pride and joy back to looking shiny. The Polishing Booth - Car Detailing Supplies
  10. Luke-BITURBO

    Facelift amg prices when the w213 arrives

    How much of an impact are they going to take when the new model arrives do you think chaps? I payed £40,000 for my 2014 e63 amg with 18k on it 8 months ago and not sure to shift it on soon, I know these cars will take abit of a hit and not the reason I'm selling just curious Thanks
  11. L

    Strange Tyre Prices

    I have been pricing tyres. Two -225x40x19 and two-255x35x19. One would expect the narrower tyres with higher profiles to be the cheapest but no- the wider tyres with lower profile are cheaper. It seems strange to me.
  12. KillerHERTZ

    Shake up of Nurburgring Prices

    MASSIVE shake-up for 2017 Nürburgring TF Tickets! |
  13. PhilT

    C63 Amg Disks & Pads Prices & Fitting

    What price have you guys paid for standard disks and pads with sensors? I thought the normal ones from merc (with no slats in the hub or the floating disk were loads cheaper) Merc want £385 for front disks and pads with sensor & £695.84 for rear disks and pads with sensor. The price of them...
  14. Gbrowncls55

    CLS option prices

    Don't know if anyone is interested but I have 2 CLS price lists , one from Jan 2005 and one from Oct 2005 (2006 model year) It gives the standard equipment for the CLS 55 and all the options available and their prices. Happy to provide info if anyone is unsure what is standard or is just...
  15. M

    car prices to go UP from July..???

    Guys, Is there a real possibility German car prices (BMW/Audi/Merc) in UK go up from July as £ value is down so going by exchange rate price might go up..??:confused:
  16. J

    Trade Prices / What's it worth?

    First of all, this isn't a for sale thread. I'm currently looking to sell/trade my 2005 C220 Avantgarde Estate for something smaller and a bit more fun to drive as i no longer need such a large car. I found a nice BMW 330 Clubsport up for £4,000 at a garage but they are only willing to give...
  17. T

    B service Irish prices

    Hi everyone, Just wondering what price is your B service in the UK. I've a 2012 w204 c250 cdi sport and been quoted €350 euro for a b service and if car has more than 90000 kilometres it will require all filters changed so price goes up to €500 euro, if brake fluid hasn't been changed in the...
  18. Cousy

    Tyres - Michelin Pilot super sport prices.

    Looking at a set of Michelin Pilot super sport tyres for a C63 Coupe and the best price I can find is £648 delivered from black circles. I think this is a reasonable price, does anyone have a recommendation to find a better price? (If only we lived in warmer climates, I'd love a set of...
  19. D

    New SLC prices and specificiations

    Just received this from the M-B press office. New SLC name to replace SLK 20 years after its first launch Available in two trim lines: Sport and AMG Line Range-topping Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 features new 3.0-litre V6 biturbo engine The new Mercedes-Benz SLC is now available to order, and...
  20. m2m

    Mercedes dealer oil prices

    Hi, Had my 2 yr old B220 cdi on a B service. I was charged over £100 for the engine oil alone. Is that normal? My 2010 ML350 CDI blue efficiency is due the service in a few days and noticed it had an 8.5 litre capacity and did not want to get spanked in the same manner by purchasing the...
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