1. C

    R171 SLK 200 Mouse attack! Wiring diagram for Brake booster plug requested

    We've left the car parked for several months at my uncles warehouse... I wish I was joking but a bloody mouse has munched through the wiring to the brake booster's sender right at the multi plug.... ...And the furry little sod has nicked about 6 inches of loom So I've got several bare wires...
  2. zoros

    New alloys - advice requested

    Advice please guys My SL55 AMG has the following marks on my rear AMG IV, SPLIT RIMS: 10J x 19 EH2 ET28 A230 400 0202 T-X-D-6. Tyres: 295 x 30 x 19. I'm looking to buy other alloys to replace these slightly corroded/welded wheel. What spec should I ask for? IE: load bearing? offset? etc...
  3. E

    Advice requested on fitting 16” wheels to C207

    Hi I've just bought a C207 E220 SE with standard 17” wheels. It makes an interesting change after my previous Touareg I'm thinking of getting a set of winter wheels and tyres and considering buying 16” wheels with 225/55 Conti TS830P tyres for maximum pothole bump suppression and a...
  4. C

    W124 Wheel Bolt Assistance Requested

    My 94 124 E280 Estate was delivered last night, and after fuelling, washing and generally playing with it, I decided to get the winter steels it's wearing replaced by the 15-hole alloys in the boot. However, the nice chaps at the tyre place told me that I need different wheel bolts. Sure...
  5. gbjeppm

    I want to build a new workshop/garage, advice/ideas requested

    As my boys have got older, I seem to have more and more car parts/alloy wheels lying around the house/shed/ garage, and the driveway constantly seems to have cars in the air on axel stands etc, i have been thinking about building a new garage/workshop. We all like cars, eldest is an engineer...
  6. P

    W124 fuel pump relay help requested

    Hi all, My 1994 E280 won't start. It turns over nicely on the key but doesn't fire at all. I'd like to check the fuel pump relay but can't work out which it is! Under the plastic cover behind the fuse box in the engine bay there are a few relays... A big module, part # 126 542 03 32, can't...
  7. Harrythedog

    As requested by Renault21

    As requested by Renault12ts Managed to snap these this morning, although the rig isn't a scaled replica as I thought Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  8. M

    Advice requested - W210s at dealers, anything concerning about these two?

    Afternoon all, I am searching for a perfect, late S211 7-seater at the moment, but as I am being hugely fussy about colours and options, this search is taking time. I am tempted to buy a W210 (is the estate an S210 perhaps) 7-seater to run whilst I wait for the perfect S211, so I am looking...
  9. D

    iPhone 3GS in car advice requested

    I have succumbed and have finally joined the 21st century by getting the above gadget which I want to hook up inside the 1999 w202 c230k. Plan A The iPhone has voice control. So has anyone just used an iPhone in the car without a separate handsfree kit made by a third party? If so, how...
  10. 3

    Information requested.

    How can I tell if I have a tyre pressure sensor fitted? I cant see any warning lights, but wondered if it showed up in the system display.
  11. trando

    C63 Pics as requested

    Hi all - managed to stop driving it long enough to take some pics...
  12. G

    E320 engine blown. Recommendations requested.

    Disaster has struck! Timing chain and/or chain tensioners have broken. Either way, the engine went "BANG" and died. The tappets no longer work, no compression to speak of and the hood is still down - so there is no doubt on the diasgnosis nor of my predicament. The questions are: - what to do...
  13. L

    Main Dealer - problems following service - advice requested

    Yesterday I took my SLK350 (05) into a main MB dealership for a service. It has had disastrous consequences. To cut a long story short, the dealership is trying to suggest that somehow, the coil for the drivers front right suspension broke, was disassembled and re-attached without the extra...
  14. Piff

    Bicycle expert help requested

    Number 2 son has a Muddy Fox "meltdown se" which has 21 gears (3 front cog x 7 back cog) He has a paper round and as far as I can see the bike gets much abuse & little maintenance. The chain has always been rusty & the bike dirty, despite parental criticism. Problem has developed where the...
  15. Piff

    Planning help requested.

    Wifes grandfather recently died, leaving his bungalow to wifes mother. Bungalow built in 1930's by grandfather, both wifes mother & wife born there - so a bit of a family tie in. Bungalow sits on quarter acre plot and has not been "modernised". Is approx 31ft wide x 28ft front to back with a...
  16. verytalldave

    Mirror light help requested

    My 2004 W203 has (or had) a small orange coloured lamp which throws a very dim glow over the gearlever area of the centre console. I have just noticed that it now doesnt come on. Having recently fiddled with my steering wheel controls to turn off my auto-folding mirrors during the winter...
  17. verytalldave

    North-West Kent Indie - feedback requested

    Went out for a little drive today in the sunshine.....nice! As it happens, I am on the lookout for a local Mercedes Indie to look after my newly aquired W203. I was driving up Rushmore Hill in the village of Knockholt (near Orpington) when I noticed a sign outside an entrance to a farm and some...
  18. Swiss Toni

    Anyone in Colchester? (Favour requested...)

    There is a dealer in Colchester with a W202 for sale that I am interested in. Is there anyone prepared to take a look on my behalf (I live a very long way away!). Cheers :D
  19. splang

    Help requested with COMMAND 2.0 W203

    Hi all, I have taken the plunge and ordered a complete self-install kit from Steve (MBenzNL) as I feel I can trust him more than some of the commands which you can buy off Ebay. I should be able to install it myself - but - if I get stuck - is there anyone living near Bristol who I could run...
  20. A

    Advice Requested!!!

    HI Buddies!! This is my very first post on this forum. I need the best advice from you experts out there as I am on the hunt for an economy Benz with the following conditions as a pre-requisite: 1. 1991-1995 model 2. Low Mileage. 3. Automatic Transmission. 4. Compact size (Not too long)...
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