Do these wheels/tyres fit?? Read this first! Offset/fitment answers within..

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wheel fitment advice

Looking to replace my wheels on a s class year 2000 220 chassis, seen some that come off a CLS 219 chassis, looking at the wheel chart here my s class uses a et offset around 35/35 or 44/44, and the wheels off the CLS are 25/28 what does this mean anyone know, chap said they would fit not sure though anyone shed some light on it regards, paul m
well, the 219 25/28 offset wheels are also wide, so they won't fit the 220.
If they were 7.5" wide it would be ok, but they're not :)
I have a 2000 S320 CDi. A W220 I think. The front tyres say 255 60 ZR16 - (Pirelli P4000) but nobody seems to stock these tyres and the size is not listed on these tables. What are my options to replace the tyres? Would any other size be suitable?
I badly need new tyres!
???? As stated,a set of 17" Amg aero II alloys and I now need alloy wheel bolts to suit......
hehe.. link to our site :) Well, IF they are genuine and have same part numbers like those on that link, then the wheelbolts you are considering will work.
Note that Mercedes bolts aren't exactly very good quality and will rust quickly, especially if you use any phosporic acid based cleaners.
The wheels are original with the same part number,can you recommend a better quality bolt and where I might purchase?
Dont bother answering that one....I have clicked on your link!!:rock:
I'm thinking of changing the wheels on my 2001 W203 Elegance from the standard 16" MB ones (even though they look nice they're a little discoloured around the rims) to a set of 17" AMG wheels. No point doing it just yet as I might as well wear out the tyres first hehe. Can anyone recommend what width / profile 17" tyre would be compatible with what is already on there?
Hi all,
Same old boring question again unfortunatly folks (sorry) but I just want to be sure before I buy some tyres.
I have a `98 CLK 200 with standard 16" 7j et 37 alloys all round but I want to replace them with the 17" 8.5j et 35 alloys that I have just purchased from ebay -

I intend to fit 225/45 x 17 tyres allround, please tell me the wheels will fit ok as on a trial fit to the front (without tyres) this afternoon the rims looked pretty close to the front leg, I think the tyres may foul, are the rims too wide for my car? Do I need a spacer? Will the wheel bolts I have be ok?
Tyre sizes are ok, could also go for 245/40R17 rear.
You'll need new bolts whatever happens. Occasionally a 5mm front spacer is needed, so check and let me know about the front clearance.
I'll expect your call, cos we're the only place that sells the right bolts :)
Thanks for your quick reply.
I know the tyre sizes would be ok as I read one of your earlier replies.
How do i know if I need the spacer? or wont I till I get the tyres?
Why do I need new bolts & how much are the bolts & the spacer please?
I suggest you get the tyres fitted and then test fit a front to check for adequate clearance to any suspension components. Different tyres have different actual widths and also the size of any rim protection on the inside of the tyre.
New bolts because you need M12x1.5 thread but with 14mm radius friction surface.

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