Do these wheels/tyres fit?? Read this first! Offset/fitment answers within..

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Very nice, they look like the Homan wheels as fitted to the SL, I sold a brand new set with tyres last year.
Thanks, they are from an SL according to the guy I bought them from but I dont know what they are called. Just need some very nice valve caps now dont I?
Sure, just don't go crazy on tyre widths. I'd stick with 225/35 and 255/30 for 19s on a 203. 8.5" front and 9.5" rear rim widths with fairly neutral offsets - check out the various Brabus fitments in the chart on the first post in this thread
Thanks, they are from an SL according to the guy I bought them from but I dont know what they are called. Just need some very nice valve caps now dont I?

Hey. Are these fitted ok now? Or just the side that the photo was taken from? :)
Hi Murray Systems,
They are fitted but I still have the one troublesome bolt to replace that I cant yet remove. television & Dieselman have advised me how to do it but just not been able to yet. Thanks for your help by the way!

I have a W140 S-Class that I'm about to change my 16" stock rims with 18" AMGs - offset, 8.5" ET44 on the front and 9.5" ET46 on the rear.

What size tyres fit these rims properly on a W140 without any problem?
I've researched on the web and have conflicting sizes...

F 235/50/18-8.5 ET44
R 255/45/18-9.5 ET46

...but I've also seen 245/45/18 & 275/40/18 mentioned.

Can anyone suggest which size tyres would suit my car best please?

Many thanks for your help!

255/45R18 all round or with optional 285/40R18 rear
or if they're a lot cheaper:
245/45R18 all round or with optional 275/40R18 rear
Hi there,

Have looked at the chart and am a little confused still I am afraid. I'm a bit green re wheels and tyres. Would you mind telling me if the description below would be suitable for my '98 Elegance W208 and if so, what would be a reasonable tyre setup with regards to cost etc?



5 X 112
8 / 18 width
They will likely fit a W208, according to the description they won't fit the flagships although the SL uses the same wheel types as the saloons the S and CL use different sizes. A/B are different as are M/G/GL and vans.

You'd need 225/40/18 tyres and choose something with rim protection if possible as the tyres will only be about 1cm wider than the wheels on either side of the rim.

Your elegance probably came with 16" rims as standard, your car might look a bit like it's "on stilts" if you fit 18" rims as the arch clearance will look bigger due to smaller tyre sidewall.
Thanks Shude

Yes, it's got 16" on at the mo, the main reason for going for 18" rims was that the wheels look a bit small in the arches at the moment and I thought the 18" rims would fill the arches better.. but are you saying because of the lower profile it will look a bit 'jacked up' (sorry, i really am a bit new to the wheels and tyres thing..) ?

To avoid the jacked up look I'm guessing I need to lower the car then?

hmm, this is getting more expensive :eek:

edit: Just thinking here, would a set of 17" alloys possibly look better with a higher profile tyre then in that case?
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To avoid the jacked up look I'm guessing I need to lower the car then?

hmm, this is getting more expensive :eek:
It's an optical illusion but with sidewalls that are 1" less at the arch (2" all around but we're only looking at the top :) ) the car might appear to have an extra inch of arch clearance. The elegance models are a little higher to start with IIRC.

To lower the car for minimal cost you could change the spring shims for ones that are a few mms slimmer, there are lots of threads about this in the wheel/tyre section so have a search, usually refered to as spring pads, shims or perches.
Hi Andy ,

Yes it will look a bit jacked up ....

My dad has 18's on his w208 430 , his is an Avantgarde , the Avantgarde suspension sits approximately 25mm lower than the Elegance suspension to begin with and his looks like it is on stilts ....

But being of the 'older' generation , he refuses to lower it ... :rolleyes:

Doesn't look horrendous , but the gap is still quite large ...


Still looking at alloys for my 163 ML, spotted some off a GL,

19" by 8.5" with 275/55/19 tyres

My question. Will these fit straight on? are the tyres too big as I have 17" with 275/55/17 already. Will I need different bolts?

If I need different tyres what size can I go for? I was thinking 275/45R19 ?

Thanks in advance....again

Hi! We've been talking via email but essentially all the X164 and 164 wheels fit the 163 with the originally specified tyre sizes.
Hi all again

Just picked up a set of AMG style alloys - 18x8 et35, they've got a set of mismatched 235/40/18's on at the mo but i am going to replace them all anyway.

Will these alloys work on my W208 and if so what are the best tyre sizes? I am thinking 225x40x18?

They have come with bolts, I think they were from an E Class. Not sure if this will make any sense but the thread area is about 200mm as is the non threaded area and the distance from the top of the nut to the bottom of the shamphered bit is 250mm.

Thanks in advance
The wheel dimensions are fine. 250mm is the width of the computer screen you are looking at :)
It's easy to determine which bolts are needed for Genuine wheels but with so many variations in specification of counterfeit wheels, it's difficult to tell what is required without seeing them.
whoops! tractor bolts then!!

I guess the best course of action is to try the ones I have and make sure I don't overthread them??

Thanks for getting back so quickly btw..

edit: just to check - am i along the right lines in putting 225/40/18's on?

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