1. M

    S205 - Boot / tailgate fully open this morning, frozen inside!

    Hi All, Woke up this morning to an icy car on the driveway, with the boot wide open and the contents covered in frost. Thankfully nothing taken and care still present and correct! Anyone else had this experience? I've had the obvious thought of leaning on my keys in my pocket from inside the...
  2. Y

    New MB owner and member from the frozen north

    After many years of fancying the shape of W208 i finally grabbed myself a bit of a project W208 CLK a few weeks ago and getting stuck in, so joined the forum here and thought id say hi instead of lurk around in the darkness :-) I think within forum rules to ask here, am i right in thinking...
  3. Stig2082

    Command NTG 2.5 Frozen

    Hi folks My Command has frozen - just plays a single radio station and no buttons work. Have tried taking out fuse and also disconnecting battery - but to avail. I sense that the car is not fully powering down, as memory functions stay. Car is 200& CLS AMG. Presume I am going to have to get...
  4. grumpyoldgit

    Ouch. Frozen windscreen.

    I'm sure no one here would ever be so foolish, but here's a reminder of the possible consequences. It could easily have been a pedestrian instead of a van and tree. :wallbash: PICTURED: Motorist crashes after driving off with frozen windscreen « Express & Star
  5. R

    W220,2006 Sat Nav Frozen

    Hi every one, My S320 cdi sat nav is saying I am on the M5 near Bristol which is over 200 miles from were I am, it does not matter where I go its always says I am in that area, any ideas what is wrong ? :dk:
  6. P

    Urgent command frozen

    On holiday at the moment and my command on a 2007 r class is frozen. From memory it is version 2.5. The command screen in stuck on the audio screen. None of the button on the command unit are responding. Basically I can't do anything with it. I was depending on the sat nav to get me around and...
  7. S

    duty cycle frozen at 20%

    can anyone give me an idea what is the checklist under these circumstances please? I've managed to get the engine to run reasonably smoothly but i understand that the duty cycle should be up at 50% but when i try and make the mixture richer, it dies. Possibly faulty temp sensor? EHA? If i...
  8. shanksy

    Frozen locks and condensation

    Hi all, Has anyone had an experience with those de-humidifier pads you place on your dash to prevent excess condensation ? I have a bit of a problem with it at the moment as I have a slight leak down into the cabin and my mats get damp. Do they really work ? The other thing was my drivers...
  9. Carrsey

    CLK frozen windows..

    As you know when you go to open the doors on a CLK the windows drop a touch, well not when the are frozen they dont. This leaves you with no option but to pull the door open. Problem is when you then shut the door the window doesnt sit in the seal, well not until you can lower the window and...
  10. tmwsccsh

    1995 SL Frozen Doors

    All, A minor thing and possibly covered before but in the cold weather I have noticed that the window does not drop the small amount when opening the door so that it can be opened / closed easily. I have used an amount of just warm water over the window to apply a little heat to thaw out the...
  11. foxy1305

    Comand frozen?

    I am having trouble with my Comand. Yesterday it froze whilst in the music register. Eventually got it to switch off but when coming back on it was still in music register and I couldnt move to another source. This morning It seemed fine and I got it to radio but then it independantly switched...
  12. reggie musson

    CLK owners on frosty mornings, frozen shut side windows

    On frosty mornings my side windows are frozen shut, so when I open the doors the windows can`t open slightly as they should. I was wondering if this leads to damage to the mechanisms to the side windows which causes them to be faulty, and then leak in water and wind noise that I understand is a...
  13. Red C220

    Frozen Planet

    After last weeks excellent episode I was looking forward to another good show this evening. It was outstanding, again. It's shows of this ilk, generally anything to do with David Attenborough, that justify the licence fee in their own right. It will be a sad day when Sir David hangs up his...
  14. N

    Hello from the frozen gates of hell (Norway(

    Hey, and hello from Norway. Ive been driving my W124 for the past 4 years now. Came across this forum as I wanted to expand my knowledgeably of the car and help others where I can.
  15. D

    frozen washers!!

    Hi, I have a C180 auto and since the bad weather my washers are frozen. I have tried pouring luke warm water over the jets but this doesn't work. With the bad weather I clear my screen but have to pull over as soon as the dirt from the road gets on it as the jets don't work. Are the washer pipes...
  16. F

    frozen door mirror

    I have been imobolised for 6weeks (ankle replacement)so have relied on my wife to run the engine every so often. last week the car has been frozen up (out side) On opening the door the mirrors didnt open out as normal & shesaid there was a power fail lgt. on the dash, she sprayed de-icer fl.uid...
  17. Danny DeVito

    frozen feet

    :wallbash: :wallbash: I completely blocked the pipe to the rad and still i get no heat and the temp doesn't go unless i rev for about ten mins. All pipes froze the other day and the temp went to 100, after thaw i got heat for five mins then the temp dropped back to nothing. I know the cdi...
  18. N

    The Thames is frozen in Maidenhead tonight.

    I just came back from a very cold walk along the Thames from Boulter's Lock towards Cookham. The lock cut just up river from Boulter's Lock is frozen from bank to bank for hundreds of yards. I've never seen that before.
  19. J

    Front Screen Washers Frozen

    Hi all Is it common on W203's in this very cold weather we are having for the front windscreen washers to be frozen solid even after driving for an hour? I have put in premixed concentrate screen wash yet despite letting the engine warm up on tickover for a while, spraying de-icer into the...
  20. G

    Viseeo MB-2 is frozen..

    Can anyone help me please? I have just purchased a Viseeo MB-2. thought I would be clever and update the bluetooth software in the Viseeo before trying it in the car, It got to downloading 35% and then stopped. I left it for a while and there was no change so I cancelled the update and now I...
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