1. J

    Can the C63 AMG be a bit jerky at higher revs (Supercharged)

    I am new to the MB brand and am more used to driving manual turbo cars for fun. I have bought a supercharged C63 and am trying to get used to driving it with its settings etc. It can get jerky at higher revs which I'm putting down to the power and instant response but thought id ask on here as...
  2. R

    Strange problem - engine or gearbox feels jerky

    Hi, Been having some problems with my 2013 model C250cdi coupe with the 7G tronic transmission. Firstly around a month ago, I left work on a hot day and as I pulled off the car park the car was really jerky at low revs. Lurching quite violently under acceleration from stationary. Kind of...
  3. doo01

    Jerky Transmission

    Hi all I have recently purchased a 16 plate B200. Noticed that when you're creeping along slow traffic as you often do in London in a low gear (esp 1st and 2nd) and you take your foot off the accelerator, the car jerks like an SOB like I'm a 18 year old newbie manual driver. Is this the...
  4. Waynedoran

    Car jerky when accelerating.

    I have an issue with my 2003 c180 Kompressor auto feels jerky like its missing when accelerating. Also sounds like a knock from wheels when cornering. Any ideas? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  5. S

    R129 Jerky Acceleration/Rough idle

    Hello, I've just bought my first SL, and it's fantastic! I've a 1994 R129 SL500, it drives smooth as silk under normal driving conditions... However, under heavy acceleration the engine jerks quite severely. When the car is idling it's fairly erratic and occasionally cuts out. From...
  6. CLSMark

    Jerky gear changes?

    Did a bit of googling, seems this is a common issue when the car is cold? Can anyone confirm or deny? Also I feel the car is wandering to the left, tracking is fine + tyres and pressures, also google says this seems to be a CLS characteristic?
  7. B

    E class 220 CDI 2013- Jerky Gearbox

    Dear All, I would like to ask for your help, I have recently purchased an E Class 220 CDI, 2013 with the 7G Gearbox. I have noticed at certain time- mainly low speeds going down and hill, or bumpy roads. the car jerks in 2nd gear and the REV counter is up and down between, 1,000&2,000 RPM...
  8. C

    C63 MCT box jerky after main dealer service

    Hi all, Had the car serviced at main dealer last Friday. It was a 3 year service at 29250 miles so required the gearbox oil and filter changing as well as the A service and air filter. Their computer was "down" so the sat nav didn't get updated which I needed doing. My 485 odd mile...
  9. edtzxr

    jerky shift in very slow traffic

    Hi all, Looking for a little advice. I have a 1999 clk320 a208 (the convertible version of the w208) 5 speed auto box not triptronic She has done 80k and has a full service history. owned her now for about 8 months and few minor issues all dealt with but this weekend stuck in slow moving...
  10. S

    C63 AMG - Eurocharged - Jerky

    Good afternoon Ladies & Gentleman Hope your having a great Friday and bored at work and want to help with my post. I had my stock c63 remapped a couple months ago, I did mention that initially it was quite jerky and not very smooth. I haven't managed to get it back to Eurocharged...
  11. Rob77

    S124 Electric window jerky

    My driver's side window sticks at the same point, opening or closing. I'm taking that to mean it has missing gear teeth and needs a replacement regulator but can keep the existing motor, right? That being the case, do these differ or can I buy any 2nd hand replacement from eBay, provided its...
  12. M

    c63 gearbox jerky

    my c63 is 2 years old and has 25,000 miles on it. the gearbox feels quite jerky especially from 1to 2to 3rd in sport plus and even in comfort anyone else find this. my old car was a bentley gt which was so smooth, so may need some getting used to
  13. E

    Electric Folding Jerky - '03 W211

    The driver's door mirror on my '03 W211 folds back in jerks. My indie took a look, and repaired all the broken wires, while the car was in for suspension work, and told me that the problem is that the cog wheel that runs along the track is missing a few teeth. A complete new assembly is £250+...
  14. A

    W204 C300 V6 CDI: power loss and jerky gear changes

    Had my car serviced a month ago at MB, with an A0 service (incl. air filters) + gearbox oil change as the car is at 55.000 km/34000 miles. Haven't driven the car since except this week, for a 450 km round trip. On the way down, the car was perfectly normal, back up (4 days later), the first...
  15. numzy

    Car is jerky

    Hi guys, I wanted to ask if anybody knows, why my car is slightly jerky while going uphill in parking lot. If hit acceleration it goes up no problem. But if firmly pressed then its jerky. Its automatic Mercedes clk 2005. I haven't had any service in almost a year. Could that be an issue? Or...
  16. Azim

    w221 S320 Jerky Transmission and High RPM before shifting

    Hi, I have a diesel S class 3.2 06 plate which is has some transmission issues. I am hoping that someone can help me with their experience/knowledge. The car has 140k miles and the torque converter has been replaced tt try resolve the issue but it hasn't made any difference. The issues is...
  17. L

    Hi stop me selling on my Merc ( a bit of advice will do it)

    Hi all - I bought a very attractive Automatic 1998 C240 a few weeks ago - i've used it every day since. I do like it but it has a couple of what i think are minor issues. It cuts out in traffic and/or very slow speeds. It has a quite jerky gear change ... It has came out of gear twice (i...
  18. M

    Jerky gear change when braking

    Hi Everyone, First, please accept my apologies; I am both a newbie to the forum, this is my first MB and I have extremely limited technical knowledge!! I recently bought a 2006 E320 avantgarde (facelift) estate. What an amazing car (certainly compared to my previous Golf!)... However I have...
  19. M

    W163 Jerky Throttle at low revs

    Hi All, Firstly Thanks for a great site this forum has been a great sea of knowledge in putting my ml270 back to running like it should, But i am stuck on where to go with this. At low revs the throttle is all over the place it jumps and dips a couple of hundred revs as if i am slightly...
  20. M

    W208 - Jerky Rev Counter

    Hi. My '99 320 Sport has developed (dont recall it doing it before) a jerky rev counter needle but only when accelerating. Engine sounds even and pull is normal. Decel is fine, as too if you blip the throttle in neutral - the needle is nice and smooth. I assume there is only one pick-up on...
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