1. T

    Replacement Keyless Go cards - the truth?

    Hi all, I have conflicting stories from various Mercedes dealers over keyless go/entry cards for a 2003 CL. I have one card that is damaged but working and would ideally like 2 cards so have asked 3 Merc dealers how to get 2 new cards (1 to replace the existing 1 and 1 new). Dealer 1 - said...
  2. Borys

    W220 keyless go - funny

    Whem I got my 2005 S class was sure that the previous owner lost keyless go card.Today had my merc in for mechanic was luaghing :D He said that last models had chip built in the car key as result all working perfect You learn every day :doh:
  3. Palfrem

    Keyless go anyone?

    Starting the mighty Blitzen-Benz, unedited, for your amazement - YouTube That is one complex starting procedure
  4. O

    e55 keyless entry problem again!! help..

    Hi all, wondering if someone could share some light, 2 days ago my keyless and go stop working complete. When u used the keyless start, Speedo displayed "key not recognised". Same message when I tried usin the lock and unlock function on the passenger side front and rear, but for some reason...
  5. jimmymidnight

    Keyless go module replacement W215

    Hello, my keyless go has been dead for about 6 months and I haven't really been bothered by it at all, but I have just come across a module for sale for not a bad price near me that is working. My question is, will it just "plug and play" into my 2003 CL? the part number is A2305451232 and it...
  6. M

    Black CLS, high spec, keyless, cooled seats, comand, grey leather, plus lots more

    Mercedes Benz CLS 320 CDI Full Mercedes Benz Main dealer history (bar one stamp) 98,500 miles 1 previous lady owner from brand new 2 keys, full V5 present in my name 2 Months MOT (will be putting fresh MOT on it asap) 5 Months Tax Good tyres all round with very recent new rear Avon's HPI clear...
  7. D

    Keyless go

    Does anybody have any experience with 'keyless go' on the C coupe. Dealer told me that you simply press a botton to start and stop it. Seems a lot of money (£960) for a simple button:confused:
  8. lxi

    SL55 keyless issues

    G'day - long story cut short, keyless go seems to have an intermittent fault. Started only this week - lock & unlock ok, although unlock sometimes seems to take longer to happen than before. Main isue "key not recognised" when trying to start. Which is a bit silly when it just let me in...
  9. Alex

    Keyless Go & COMAND

    Is there any way for COMAND to automatically switch off when I switch the engine off with the button on the gear stick? And start back as well when I start the car? 03 CL600 Thanks
  10. C

    Keyless entry

    I am the recent purchaser of a fantastic 2005 (dec) CLS500. I am chuffed to bits with the car. I have just noticed that one of the rear passenger doors keyless entry does not work. I am looking into whether it is covered by the RAC warranty but in the meantime has anyone experienced this, and if...
  11. N

    Keyless Go

    Hello, This is my first post. I have a '04 CLK with keyless go. All is working ok apart from start button. It was stuck down when I got the car, it is now free and tested but still will not start the car. Can anyone tell me were to find the control module for the keyless go as I think the button...
  12. glencumming

    keyless go

    Hi guys, Looking for some help with my keyless go, when entering the car screen says card not recognised, any ideas?
  13. The _Don

    CLS55 AMG Facelift- KEYLESS GO -1 OWNR- Extended Warranty -32000 Miles (2006)

    Mercedes-Benz : CLS55 AMG Facelift- KEYLESS GO -1 OWNR- Extended Warranty -32000 Miles
  14. dvb247

    w211 keyless rear lock & Handle wanted

    Need w211 rear passenger door lock and rear drivers door handle with the keyless button on, in black if possible? cheers, Dave
  15. DSLiverpool

    Keyless go gear knob for SL230

    Shameless plug :o Mercedes Keyless Go Gear Knob & SL230 SL A 230 267 15 10 9C76 | eBay
  16. M

    Keyless go button

    Hi all Wonder if any one can help My keyless go on my w211 open and locks the doors but the start stop button does not work I have taken the gear knob of and sprayed the connectors I have allso tested voltage and there is 12 v coming to the switch I have also tried to bypass the...
  17. S

    How does the keyless card feature work?

    Hi When I am viewing some cars (namely R230 models)… I am a little embarrassed about how the keyless start/stop and go feature works on these cars My thoughts are that you keep the “Card” in your pocket and as you walk up to the car, the car unlocks... you enter… put your foot on the brake...
  18. MacCLS500

    Keyless Locking (problem)

    I have a fault with the drivers door, handle needs replacing. Had CLS now 2 weeks but still can't get my head round how the locking system works. Can't be bothered to bore you all. If some kind person can PM me I would like a phone chat. If possible.
  19. MacCLS500

    Keyless Locking

    If you have it do you find it a pain the but to work. If I walk out the house and have the key in my pocket and go top my partners car when I walk pass my car it unlocks as it is supposed to do but when I return if I forget to lock it it remains unlocked. OK I know this is the way it is supposed...
  20. Fuji

    W204 - Keyless Go option

    Managed to get hold of a German C-Class Coupe brochure which includes KEYLESS-GO as an option. Wonder why it's not being offered in the UK? Is it available at all on the FL C-Class?
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