1. Abb

    Keyless entry handle

    A drivers door handle for a Mercedes CL W215 (keyless entry), in obsidian black. Used in good condition £70 incl P&P.
  2. mercconvert

    CLK keyless entry - q's & queries

    Hi I wondered if any keyless entry guru's could help me please? My 2003 CLK has Keyless entry. Shortly after the cars battery threw a wobbler, the drivers side KE stopped working. Passenger side KE has never worked since ownership (so I assumed it wasn't fitted on that side). Boot still...
  3. 7om

    "Key not detected" Keyless Go

    Hi, Having trouble with my keyless go entry on my CLS 55 AMG. I have both keys, I've swapped new batteries in and when pressing the button on the gear selector it still says "Key not Detected". Does anyone on here have any trouble shooting tips?
  4. S

    Keyless Go Retrofit ML350

    Just bought a 2010 ML350 and interested what is involved in retrofitting KeyLess Go, or even if it's already installed. Obviously the key slot could take the button that just clips in and out but I know there's much more to it in terms of STAR-enabling and electronics. The drivers door has the...
  5. S

    Sl 55 amg keyless entry door handle

    HI The lock button on the drivers door on my 2004 SL55 AMG F1 does not lock the door. The keyless entry and start system works fine. The passenger door locks fine with the handle button (locking both doors). The drivers button seems to click ok. Seems like I will need to fit a new handle...
  6. G

    AMG theft - recent rise in keyless theft around the UK

    Dear all I am a proud but very concerned 14 Reg C63 owner following all the coverage re. the increase of keyless thefts around the country - especially around Redbridge-area where I reside! Has anyone heard or have knowledge/experience of AMG products and aprticularly C63s being stolen...
  7. S

    Keyless go - does the key need to be in the car to drive?

    Hi, I got the new C class (W205) and its got the keyless go feature. If i dont have the keyfob in the near range it wouldn't start, but the other day I started the car and while engine running (to defrost) I walked in to the house to get some stuff but actually realised the key is still in my...
  8. Ultrarep

    Driver silver keyless go door handle

    Hi all if anyone has knowledge if the whereabouts of a good used drivers keyless go door handle in silver for a 2004 S211 i have cash waiting. Yes i know its a long shot but if you dont ask its a definate no! :thumb:
  9. Jay2512

    Keyless Go & Hands free access

    Trying to figure out if the new W212 estate i have ordered with Keyless Go and Hands Free Access will feature the function of opening the boot with a pass of a foot under the rear bumper? I ordered the Premium Plus pack which includes this feature and it is on my order however the dealer thinks...
  10. developer

    Theft Of Keyless Cars

    Just when you thought the issue was sorted, or perhaps didn't apply to Mercedes cars, there was a main story piece on Midlands Today tonight, including an interview with a guy from Thatcham who said that the list of vulnerable cars was changing on a monthly basis. No specific mention of MB...
  11. T

    keyless entry for clk 320

    Hi i am looking to purchase a clk but the person has advised that the main key broke and now the second fob does not allow the keyless entry. Is there anyway i can get this programmed again so that it does work keyless? Is it expensive and can anyone recommend reputable places apart from...
  12. M

    Keyless GO Door Handle for CLK W209 (Black)

    Keyless GO Passenger and Drivers side door handle needed for CLK W209 in BLACK, my ones have failed due to water ingress. Unless there is a fix I can do to the current handles? Cheers.
  13. D

    cl600 2002 keyless go card ... will a new key do the same job ??

    Hi all !! I'm just on the verge of buying a cl600. It needs a keyless go card... and I have seen the thread about where to get replacements . But I see un programmed keyless go keys for 100 ... and that seems better value than 200 for one card... so would the keyless go key be program able...
  14. lexman8

    Replace Keyless Go handle

    Does anyone know how to disconnect the handle's Keyless Go connector from the door? The KG connector is on the end of a piece of wire 10cm long that comes from the handle and disappears inside the door (right hand cable in 2nd pic). WIS simply says: 'Remove door liner and disconnect keyless...
  15. W

    w220 keyless go

    My 2002 MY S500 keyless go doesnt work since I have had the car. Changed the batteries in both cards and although it flashes when I press a button the car does nothing. I have read that error messages can pop on the dash but I dont even get that. It is going in Monday for Merc to...
  16. C

    OK this is weird - keyless locking

    I have had an issue with my passenger door handle for a while. The trim on the top kept popping up so thought I would remove the handle and see if I could work out how to fix it. Anyway removed the door handle no problem and sorted the issue (screw had missed the lug) and reinstalled it. As...
  17. U

    How tricky is it to retro-fit Keyless start?

    ... in an 04 SL65?
  18. B

    Dynavin and Keyless Start

    Hi Guys, I want to ask a question to anyone who has a dynavin unit and a car (w209 or w203) with keyless go. When i start the car by using the key in the ignition and then switch off, the unit switches off with the car. However whenever i use the start/stop button to start the car and...
  19. B

    W209 keyless go problem

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my keyless go on my 2002 W209 CLK. It doesn't seem to work first thing in the morning. Doors and boot open fine but the start/stop button doesn't work, no 'key not recognized' or anything. After a 5 minute drive with the key in the ignition, I pull the key out...
  20. T

    Keyless Go

    Hi, I have just bought a CLK 320 2005 it comes with keyless go which does not work, I was told this before buying it which I accept, however are these systems problematic and what is likely the most common cause. Do you have to have a star diagnostic to tell you the problems. Me being me I...
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