1. AngryDog

    Limit of E55K injectors

    What is the power limit of the standard injectors for the E55K? I'm considering going for a 77mm pulley but want to make sure the fuelling is all ok before I do. Also, on a healthy engine with 77mm pulley, manifolds and larger heat exchanger, what power would I be looking at?
  2. B

    E 320 rev limit

    I have a 2005 E320 W211 diesel, and the engine will frequently limit itself to 3,000 rpm. After stopping, switching off for 20 seconds, then starting up again, the fault clears itself initially ........... but usually recurs after a few miles. Even when not rev-lmited, the engine is low on...
  3. Gollom

    100mph winter limit

    This suddenly came up on SuzyCute's SLK R171 - any idea what that is all about? "100MPH Winter Limit" (or something like that - it was only doing that very, very briefly)
  4. T

    CLS Right hot film mass air flow sensor above limit

    Right guys I'm after some help. When I purchased my 2006/7 CLS cdi it needed a service, to cut a long story short it had one at my expense as the supplying Vauxhall dealer refused. Anyway, once serviced a few faults were found and rectified by the dealer once they agreed they were current...
  5. L

    W208 convertible bow roof limit switch

    Hi all. I need a good bow roof limit switch for the wife's 2002 W208. I believe the part number is 2088202310. Any offers before I call Mercede$ ?
  6. martyp87

    Courier with a 30kg+ limit

    Can anyone recommend a good courier who also offers a collection service and a weight limit beyond 30kg? ParcelForce IIRC stop at 25kg. I purchased two speakers last year which weigh in at 13kg each and I'm looking to eBay them as they are way too big for my office and I a head-fi guy...
  7. Dave Richardson

    Today I hit a child at 20mph & realised the speed limit must be cut

    This was taken from the Skyuser site but makes you think In an impassioned appeal, Dr Nick Foreman remembers the near-fatal accident that convinced him of the need to stop motorists driving at 30mph in built-up areas This is what happens and this is how it feels. I was driving along a...
  8. J

    How to set up current road speed limit

    I have a 2015 E220 Bluetec and wonder if it is possible to get the Sat Nav to display the current road speed limit. I have not been able to find it in the available menus, but perhaps it is set via a different route. Any thoughts or advise please.
  9. Alex225

    Cold Rev Limit

    Sorry if this is a daft question, I wondered if the engine in the CLS63 had a cold rev limit. I usually allow any car I'm driving to warm up but I'm aware my Megane 225 has a cold rev limit (4k although never hit it). Wondered if the AMGs had something similar. Also what is the cars hot...
  10. BTB 500

    80 kph speed limit in Germany due to melting roads

    We drove back from the South of Germany yesterday ... today the temperature has hit 40C, and they have a blanket 80 kph (50 mph) speed restriction in force due to the effect on the road surfaces. A narrow escape!
  11. P

    Is it dangerous sticking to the speed limit?

    I was out and about on the M25 last night. There were umpteen roadworks and speed restrictions. I was coming into a section that had the inside lane closed and the speed limit had been 60, 50 & finally 40. I'm sitting at about 45 when I see a whole lot of traffic coming up behind me at...
  12. I

    M6 upgrade 50mph limit

    I appreciate I'm probably the dullest person on the forum for suggesting it but I very nearly got the magic 50mpg for the stretch of M6 50mph limit jct 10-13ish. It would be interesting to see what others get for that consistent stretch. That's a lardy 07 221, surely I'll see some magical...
  13. T

    ML270CDI Limp Mode Without Rev Limit Possible?

    Hi Guys, I've just been through the whole choked inlet manifold saga with my ML270. At the EGR was putting into limp mode with a 3000 rev cap. I've removed the swirl flaps and cleaned the EGR. Since putting it all back together it ran fine for a couple of weeks. I put the remaining pipe...
  14. L

    '06 C220 W203- 2k revs is the limit?

    Hello all, Thanks already to those who have posted on here- I've solved many problems with my car by reading this forum but have a new issue! I have an 06 C220 CDI coupe (Auto), which has just reached 90k miles. Driving the other day, the gear changes didn't seem as smooth and constantly...
  15. 1

    Road speed limit

    I have a 2014 w207 and would like the sat nav to show the roads speed limit. Is this possible to add or is it already in the sat nav but needs me to get it onto the screen? Thanks for any info. Pete
  16. W

    How can I see a speed limit from GPS maps on S-Class

    I've recently bought a 2007 S Class (W221 I think). I was disappointed to find that I do not seem to be able to display the speed limit for where I am on the Navigation system. Does anyone know if that is possible? If not, I have a Mio M616LM Sat Nav that I used to use on my previous...
  17. ioweddie

    Danish speed limit :bannana:
  18. developer

    The 30mph speed limit is unsuitable for much of today's driving conditons

    Apart from the obvious danger areas, for example, school zones, narrow side streets and the like. I did the first IAM observed drive today - two hours long, and for those two hours I held up the traffic constantly, as my observer "forced" me to observe the 30mph limit along a selection of A...
  19. S

    Command sat nav showing speed limit possible?

    My previous car's in built sat nav showed the speed limit on the map and in the centre of dash display. I noticed that I missed the speed/traffic sign option in the extras list when ordering, so option to display in dash is not an available, but is there a way to display the speed limit on the...
  20. ItalianTuneUp

    60mph motorway speed limit plan shelved: M1 / M3

    "Plans to impose a 60mph speed limit on parts of the M3 and M1 motorways to cut air pollution have been put on hold."
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