1. D


    Does anyone else use Outlook as an email address? There was some kind of update recently and it's gone from pretty good to useless to use, very laggy and brings up my last sent email instead of opening new ones. I doubt that it's just coincidence and the only real difference that I can see...
  2. developer

    Hotmail to Outlook - Problems

    My Hotmail account has automatically migrated to an Outlook account (in the name of progress :rolleyes:). Same email address, with a hotmail.co.uk suffix, however, when I log on all that's in my inbox is a new "welcome" email and nothing else. All previous emails are gone :dk:.. Any...
  3. L

    Outlook Question

    I hope someone can help me. I have a Hotmail address which is used under Outlook. Try as I might, I cannot find my list of contacts . Where could they have gone? I get directed to contacts at bottom left hand of page but there are no contacts there.
  4. Stratman

    Outlook is deleting my emails

    Or more precisely it's putting some emails from my safe senders list and from my contacts directly into the deleted emails folders. I have set the Junk email options to automatically trust both the safe senders list and my contacts together with people I email, but some emails from these are...
  5. Tan

    Outlook for Mac 2011

    Hi I need a mail application for my Mac and would like to use Outlook. Does anyone know if its possible to get outlook without buying a complete office suite. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  6. developer

    Microsoft Outlook Forward To Hotmail

    Does anyone know how to automatically forward emails from Microsoft Outlook to my Hotmail account, as they arrive, not singly afterwards? Will the originals stay within Outlook?
  7. Stratman

    Outlook not applying rules automatically

    I've done the searches and tried the fixes without success. Outlook v.14 (Office 2010 Pro Plus) I have made some rules to automatically delete messages with words such as 'casino', 'bonus', '300%' in the subject or body. They worked fine until recently when the spam has started getting...
  8. ShinyF1

    How to recover a corrupted Outlook [pst] file

    Can anyone recommend a bit of software that can recover a corrupted outlook *.pst archive? The pst file is approx 3.5GB I have tried the outlook repair tool with no luck, but see various software tools advertised at varying cost adn am unsure if (a) they work or (b) the best one to buy Many...
  9. EDZ649

    Outlook Email issue, urgent help needed please!

    I always leave my pc running, 27/7 unless it needs a re-boot or Im going away. Yesterday when I stated to work on my pc there was an error meesage on the screen saying; Cannot open your default email folders. An error has occurred. MAPI was unable to load the information service mspst.dll...
  10. corned

    MS Outlook junk/spam filter woes

    Hi all. Can anyone please help me? I am running MS Outlook 2007, which is fully up to date, all periodical updates are implemented, including all ones for the junk filter. My problem is that there are several junk email suppliers which the junk filter persistently fails to weed out. Each...
  11. R

    Can't Replace Outlook Express

    My wife has an Acer One XP netbook and unfortunately Outlook Express isn't working very well any more and I think it needs reinstalled. Anyway it appears I can't download it anymore and the replacement for express only works on windows 7. Can anyone suggest a way around this or another piece of...
  12. Stratman

    Separate Phonebook in Outlook?

    I want to back up/edit my mobile phone contacts (K750i). Sony have stopped supporting it, and the PC Suite which came with it doesn't offer contact backup anyway. The newer PC Suite 6 doesn't support the K750i. I have MS Office 2010 with Outlook. I tried a backup/restore sync once. Disaster...
  13. corned

    Unable to open embedded links in MS Outlook2007

    Hi all, Please can anyone help with a little problem I have? I run MS Outlook 2007 as part of the Office 2007 suite, on XP. For a couple of weeks I have not been able to open an embedded link in an email, for example a URL to a website. If I double-click on the link, an error message box...
  14. D

    COMAND: import from Outlook issues

    OK, so I have COMAND with Linguatronic in a W204 (late 2010 model) Exec SE without telephone pre-wiring (Bluetooth only). Importing contacts is straightforward enough using the receive vcards function and then firing them at the car from my phone via Bluetoth. It is also easy enough to...
  15. D

    Auto replies using Outlook or similar

    I have a new website. One of the features is the ability to request an email easily giving details of our service, if someone is too busy to study the website. The email arrives looking like this: Email thisisthe@email.co.uk IP Address User-Agent (Browser/OS) Mozilla/4.0...
  16. Noodle-Pulp

    Outlook 2010

    Hi :confused: I've been told (haven't seen it for myself yet) that Outlook 2010 doesn't use MAPI anymore. I have a script I run on my PC from time to time that means I don't need to go into Outlook to send an email. It's a simple vbscript, I'm wondering will this need to be changed if I...
  17. crockers

    Outlook Help Required

    Hi For some reason Outlook wont open. I have tried using the Office disk to repair Office and Word and Excel are fine. I think I will have to remove it all and reinstall it. My problem is I will lose all my emails unless I can find the file that they are stored in. Is this a PST file? If so...
  18. ringway

    Outlook or stick with Yahoo!

    I use Yahoo email. I've always had the full MS Office suite that includes Outlook. I seem to remember years ago getting a message stating something along the lines of "you do not have a licence to use Outlook" and so never bothered to use that part of Office. Outlook looks a far better...
  19. crockers

    Moving contacts from Outlook to Apple Mail.

    Is there a simple way to move my contacts from outlook 2007 to the apple iMac's email program? Don't think it accepts csv files. Have seen software for $10 saying it will do it. Does that work? Just a thought. I have synced my iPod touch with PC. If I sync it now with iMac will...
  20. fabes

    Outlook address book recovery

    Hi Similar to thread below, but I am on the back foot and in need of some help http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/pc-i-t-support-advice-posts/73076-transferring-outlook.html Reinstalled Win XP on main PC. Before that I backed up the whole PC (all of the many partitions on it - reason for...
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