1. clk320x

    Man smashed up S63 WTF
  2. MancMike

    I'm absolutely devastated, both our cars smashed up.

    So tonight a dirt bike stopped outside our house, guys came in the garden with an axe and a bat and smashed my Merc and her Insignia up. Pretty much every window, pretty much every panel. What will happen with insurance as mine is pretty rare, and I think they'd struggle to find like for...
  3. Dogbreath

    Smashed AMG's

    Wow, just been having a look on Copart and there is 8 C63, 1 E55, 1 S63, 2 A45 AMG's :fail Sad to see such lovely cars smashed to bits....
  4. dan-mb

    Vidoe-S63 AMG gets smashed up with a golf club! Pretty brutal on the S63 AMG 4MATIC.
  5. tonyc280

    smashed head and nose

    Well folks i don't know whether it's as i'm getting old but always seem to be hurting myself while working on my car but the last injury takes the biscuit. I managed to slam my bonnet down on my head cutting it badly and also managing to push my glasses down onto my nose cutting the top of it. I...
  6. foxy1305

    Mirror smashed

    Just has some numpty tag my drivers mirror in a lane. I have a 2008 w211 with indicators in the housing. As it turns out all that is damaged is the indicator, the glass is smashed, but all the LEDs still work. I know a complete replacement mirror is going to be lot of money so wondering if he...
  7. Polak

    W124 Cabriolet Smashed Headlight

    Why is it always me I ask myself ?? Having enjoyed a round of golf with the Wrinklies I returned to the "Blue Lady" parked correctly in the Golf Club car park to find a broken O/S head light and the tell tale scattering of glass on the ground and of course the culprit had driven off with...
  8. W

    Smashed SL500

    Bargain?: Mercedes SL500 Convertible, panoramic roof, front end needs repair | eBay
  9. 1989w124

    My parked W124 was smashed. Need help fixing her!

    Hi everybody, Very very sadly my W124 was smashed on the driver side by a drunk driver. The driver side doors now need replacing, and the mouldings need to be replaced too. The car is white, with grey mouldings. My evil insurance will not cover it, they see it as an economic write...
  10. Horrgakx

    Rear air vent centre slot smashed

    (edit: car is W210 1999 E55 AMG) Hi all. In the centre console towards the rear of it there are 2 vents which supply air to the rear passengers. On the right hand side vent the centre slot/slat is missing (its the one which has the button/knob with which you can change the direction it...
  11. saorbust

    Help - Fool smashed his wing mirror into mine - broken the glass

    Hi all, Narrow lane, dude approaches way to fast:crazy:, doesn't slow down, CRRRRUNCH.:doh: It's possible to pass btw - just have to be careful. Only the wing mirror hit. He also stopped and apologised. Now problem I have is that he hit my mirror so hard that the glass broke...
  12. T

    Someone smashed the small rear window of my car

    I heard the alarm go off, I looked out the window and saw the door wide open. So I run to get my trousers, come out with my belt in my hand and there are people around, but no one saw nothing. This is in broad day light at around 16:30. I asked some guy who was close by and he said "Well I...
  13. M

    Smashed Window Fiasco

    The start to the New Year was going so well, until.... Wednesday C Class Sports Coupe W203 car passenger side window smashed by yobs. Thursday Called local Mercedes Benz garage to arrange repair. Was told window part would have to be ordered from Mercedes Milton Keynes and would...
  14. M

    Window smashed

    Had a knock on the door last night, Police Officer. Reason: my car had been damaged. Someone has smashed the passenger window and opened the glove / all other compartments. So now I need a replacement passenger window (main part) for a C Class Coupe. Can anyone recommend a company to fix this...
  15. F

    W203 Smashed

    Was driving back home early hours of Sunday morning and a animal (baby deer) I am sure runs across the motorway and smacks the front of my car. I am ok but a fair bit damage to the car. It will need a whole new bumper, off side wing and possibly door but the paint job will require re...
  16. F

    Car window smashed...

    I borrowed my Dad's W220 yesterday and left it parked on my private driveway lats night. At about 1.15AM this morning I heard the alarm sound and saw the idiot running away from the car. I could quite clearly see that the drivers side window had been smashed. I decided to give chase and...
  17. F

    Direct line, smashed window, trim repairers etc

    A couple of months ago, someone decided to insert a large brick into my W140 through a closed passenger window. Nice chaps obviously... :confused: It made a small hole in the passenger airbag cover, scratched the wood center console a bit and the broken glass made a whole load of...
  18. F

    My W203 smashed...

    Just had a call that my W203 has been involved in an accident by my cousin who had borrowed it. Luckily, he is fine and does not have a sctratch on him but car is a mess from what I have been told and engine caught fire. No one has been hurt thank God. He has his own insurance to...
  19. M

    Smashed door on SLK 200 K

    This was a full side on impact of a Fiat van hitting me at 80km's after the driver bust a red. The SLK is now back as good as new. The van was, well f....'d. The car chassis was untouched. I've even taken it in to be serviced and had it fully checked and they couldn't tell that this damage...
  20. mobeyone

    smashed mercedes slr?

    Just got this... has prince nas just wrote of a mercedes slr??? i hope not. the muppet
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