1. flying haggis

    could have been nasty
  2. A

    E280 CDI Hissing and nasty smell

    With no prior warning, at the end of a 400 mile journey my E280 CDI was hissing loudly from the rear and smelling of cabbages. The hissing (and smell) persisted for some minutes after switching the engine off. Is this the catalytic converter? Or something else? Thanks for any thoughts.
  3. Brian 1

    Nasty dust and bird droppings

    When at my Holliday home in Lincolnshire I get sticky dust, and bird poo on my car, its driving me mad, what's the best way to clean it off so it doesn't scratch, Please don't say cover it as it's not an option.
  4. Steve320

    No nasty AMG bits nailed to it! The sellers words, not mine! Surely the car doesn't belong to someone here...
  5. 219

    Nasty one

    Just read the item below , alas the Mercedes didn't fare well in the collision with the bus . Sad to read that the driver died . Driver dies and two seriously injured in crash between car and bus - BBC News
  6. grober

    Left hand down a bit- OOOH NASTY!

    Yes a few people in Germany will be getting a phone call from their dealer on Monday. Hello Herr Nimitz you know the new car you were expecting next week--- there's been a bit of a glitch-------------! BBC News - Operation to free Hoegh Osaka cargo ship under way
  7. benz13

    Plate for sale NST92Y (nasty)

    Hi ,I have a cherished number plate up for sale NST 92Y (nasty) looks great on the car ,it's currently on my c class and can easily be transferred over to any car that is taxed and motd ,I'm after offers over £500 ! It's been valued at £850 ,but looking for a quick sale .
  8. S

    Nasty C32

    Found this 'C32' on Autotrader. It looks like they ram-raided Halfords, and what's with the "M3" wings?
  9. 1945wickedred

    Nasty shock need new tank on R230

    Hi all, well all you guys with R230's around the 2003 and onwards a few years start to worry if you have not had the dreaded banging from the petrol tank informing you that the baffles which MB kindly put in to stop the fuel from sloshing around,shame,have come loose and will necessitate you...
  10. marty359

    Could of been nasty!

    The replacment car after the W124 was written off is a......ahem.....diesel Rover 75 estate, 1 owner, full history and 130k miles for £500 bargain I thought. Great on fuel and nice and comfy the only things I don't like is it's a manual and by crikey is it slow. Covered 2000 faultless miles...
  11. K

    Nasty indicator stalk!

    I've only had my W211 a few weeks and i am generally very impressed by the quality, feel, fit and finish of everything. One thing that really lets the side down is the indicator stalk. It's very unsatisfying to move up and down, and it springs back like a shotgun, causing the whole steering...
  12. T

    Avis Car Rental - nasty little e-rate scam

    I have just sent the mail below to Avis Customer services. Not happy! Hello, I am a frequent traveller and have used Avis cars on my company contract. I made a private booking with Avis from Catania Airport, details as follows: Rental Agreement No. xxxxx Start: xx/4/12 End [7 days later]...
  13. neilz

    A nasty surprise

    Did Volvo really do this? So you have quite a nice looking car according to photo 1, but then you see the interior. Is this Volvo's doing or a mod by someone with no taste? Anyone like the colour of the interior? 2005 Volvo C70 T | eBay
  14. MacCLS500

    Got a Nasty smell (Not me)

    Got a nasty chemical smell inside the CLS500. Put in gel deodrant "autosol" It seems like mask. Smells similar to a leather smell but is in't the leather. Not sure if anyone has used cleaning fluids. Has anybody had a bad smell inside their car (not fart smell or BO) If they did how and what did...
  15. DSM10000

    Changing anti roll bar bushes etc, any nasty surprises waiting?

    Having had the lower near side suspension arm replaced FOC I still have a slight knocking noise but much reduced and only usually noticeable on rough tracks and very poor and broken roads. My next line of attack was to do the cheap and hopefully simple things so I have orderded anti roll bar...
  16. Satch

    Car is making a really nasty smell.......

    ..said my sister on the phone last evening as she called to tell us that she plus idiot husband would arrive in a few minutes. So went outide to capture dogs and Mrs.S opens gates to welcome her sister. Greeted by the sight of an Audi A6 belching smoke from a siezed front nearside caliper...
  17. EDZ649

    Eeeek! Nasty 124

    I'm trying to work out where the 22" screen has been fitted?? RARE MERCEDES 300CE COUPE. ONE-OFF CAR! CUSTOM INTERIOR on eBay (end time 02-Sep-10 20:46:59 BST)
  18. Ian B Walker

    The nice and the nasty

    I will start with the nice. Got a phone call from Andorra :eek: ref a very nice 300CE-24 Coupe. Did the work as requested and quite unsolicited got this sent me via email. The nasty. Someone has been in touch with Mb at Milton Keynes ref my logo, sorry...
  19. ringway

    Nasty Virus. Can I copy to external hard drive?

    My son has a bad virus on his laptop (the last time he'll let his mates use it I suspect). Countless pop ups and now the dreaded one that has taken over the machine. Can't even alter firewall settings etc. I think this means a trip to our local computer shop. However, he has a lot of...
  20. The Boss

    What the hell is this! Nasty!

    pure UGLY!
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