1. Q

    Guide - Quick way to replace or repair a front suspension lower ball joint (E-Class)

    Hi guys I've just had to do the lower ball joints on my E (W210) which was a wee bit annoying as I'd just had it up to do the brake pipes... should have looked at them at the time....:mad: Anyway, here's a quick guide that shows you how to replace or repair them (yup, repair is sometimes...
  2. Q

    Guide - How to easily replace brake pipes/lines yourself

    Hi guys, I recently had to replace my rear brake lines (don't ask, they were fine, but the MOT man was obviously having an bad day :wallbash:). Anyhow, I thought others might appreciate a write up so here it is: How to replace rusty brake pipes or brake lines in a Mercedes E-Class (W210)...
  3. martyp87

    W209 CLK Interior Boot Light, how to replace?

    Hello all, My interior boot light has been out since I purchased the car 15 months ago and I have tried unsuccessfully in the past to replace it. Tonight whilst fitting the LED license plate bulbs of KillerHerz I had another unsuccessful attempt at it... I recall Googling the subject...
  4. M

    replace NTG 2 to NTG2.5 with HK amp(logic 7)

    Hello everyone,. i have the ntg2.5 and the HK amp with part number A2048709194 and the bose subwoofer,so i need your help to replace my NTG2 to NTG 2.5 with HK amplifier.. i have missing parts like wiring,fiber optical...and i do not know what else i need,i searched everywhere but i didn't...
  5. S

    Replace COMAND unit

    Hi Guys, I have a 2004 S55 Kompressor and my Navigation has died. I phoned up Mercedes and asked how much it would cost to replace the Navigation DVD unit and i got quoted nearly £3000 + VAT :eek:. Personally i find that it's not worth it at all and was wondering if a replacement from either...
  6. SPX

    W215 ABC pump refurbishment or replace?

    The ABC pump on my CL55 has gone west so I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that refurbishes them or should I just bite the bullet and buy a new one from Mercedes? Early indications seem to suggest a refurb will be circa £250-300 and a new unit from the dealer will be about £750ish.
  7. RattlerRattler

    R230 / SL Kick Plate / Sill refinish or replace ?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum, but gained some great info before recently buying my 2007 SL 350, so thanks. My SL needs some love and although low mileage for a 2007 at 40K, she's been mistreated a little and needs some TLC. One of the first areas to sort are multiple scratches to the chrome? door...
  8. M

    Replace audio 20 with Command NTG2.5?

    Hi i bought W203 2005 Elegance i think it has Audio20 single cd player in it but considering replace with command NTG2.5 is it possible? and what i need along with Command NTG2.5? Please Help Thanks
  9. A

    Possible to replace SRS module with a used one

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum, and this question may already have been answered elsewhere, I've not been able to find the answer though. I've got an '01 E 320 CDI estate with an SRS-lamp that stays on. My local MB workshop read the codes and according to them it was the SRS module that was...
  10. J

    W211 replace Casette with CD Stereo

    Hi. I am looking for some advice which I am unable to find on here or the web. I have purchased a w211 (2002) and it had a radio cassette fitted. I purchased a radio/cd from a 2005 w211 but the connections on the rear are totally different. Can anybody offer me some advice as to whether I can...
  11. R

    Viseeo MBU-1000 for Merc - Works with incar phone to replace Nokia

    Hi I have a Viseeo MBU-1000 to replace the Nokia brick phones that sit in the cradle with old Mercs. Here is some blurb ViseeO MBU-1000 - Upgrade your Mercedes 6150/6210/6310i Telephone Cradle System to Bluetooth The Viseeo MBU-1000 imitates the shape of the old Nokia 6310/6210/6150...
  12. M

    Can a OM611.960 engine be used to replace a OM611.962?

    As above guys, Need an engine for a friends car, currently has a 611.962 143bhp engine fitted, I can get a 611.960 136bhp engine locally and swap injectors, fuel pump, turbo etc over. Will this work with no issues or do I need to replace with 611.962 engine only? Thanks
  13. rockits

    Replace wife's touran with freelander 2 or maybe new b-class??

    Trying to find a suitable replacement for the wife to replace the Touran she has at the moment. Favourites seems to the the Freelander 2 HSE/HST or the B-Class seems like an option. The obvious choice would be a Ford Grand C-Max but the looks are great and not sure if she can live with a Ford...
  14. Druk

    Key replace

    Can someone kindly direct me at the thread where the old black key innards are retro-fitted to new style chrome covers. Done a search and cftlom find anything. Ta.
  15. Carabosse

    Looking to replace BMW with Merc

    Hi all. I currently own a 335i coupe BMW - significantly modified - but am considering replacing it with an E-Class Coupe - probably an E350. One of the principal reasons for thinking about jumping ship from BMW (who I have been with for 11 years and 2 cars) is the state of UK roads, i.e...
  16. A

    Replace bulb in lt. Side mirror

    When I close the side mirror, the instrument complaints of following malfunction: REPLACE BULB IN LT. SIDE MIRROR The warning disappears when I open the side mirrors. The left indicator on the side mirror does work fine. Any ideas, why this could be happening?
  17. cellarmerc

    How to replace rear tail strut w211 estate? SGS any good btw?

    Hi, my 2005 W211 LHD tail struts have failed as the hatch falls closed . How does one get at the strut to change it without damaged the interior of the boot area as I have no idea but imagine its the head cloth area. I also rang Mercedes to price them but they are very expensive 98euro per...
  18. grumpyoldgit

    3rd Brake light (W203 facelift) Repair or replace?

    Noticed that one of the what I presume are LEDs has failed in my 3rd brake light fitted at the top of the boot. Are these LEDs replaceable or are they non user friendly......have to buy a complete new light? Thanks
  19. brucemillar

    How to remove / replace the MAF in a W203 - 2004 Petrol

    Can any body please help by describing how you remove / replace the MAF in a 2004 W203. I do not want to break any clips. Regards Bruce
  20. effbee584

    Replace CLS Gear Knob

    Just bought a replacement gear knob, thought it would be real easy to change. I have searched both this and another forum, but nothing really clear. The best I've seen is ............ ' Open the ashtray and grab the front of the trim and pull up. (there are two clips)...
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