1. J

    W220 (2001) S500L need to replace lower suspension rear arms for front

    All, Just failed my MOT for my S500L (01) 90k. The car has hydraulic suspension and ABC. The mechanic tells me that the lower suspension rear arms R and L for front wheels and ball joints need replacing. He tells me these parts are not available OEM and are mercedes parts costing £220+ vat...
  2. donshl

    Blowout: Replace both or Single?

    So here I was driving back from my parent's place and bam! Hit a pothole! Left a nice scrape and dent on the rim and taken gouge out of the sidewall of the front left tyre :wallbash: So now faced with the dilemma of replacing either just the damaged one or the both of them, they have 5mm...
  3. J

    cheapest place in SE England for W209 valeo rad upgrade?

    Have just purchased a W209 clk55 and want to upgrade the rad to a newer behr for peace of mind. Can anyone recommend somewhere who will do it for a fair price in SE England (London, Essex, Kent, Herts) ? Also, if anyone knows where I can get one online cheap to take to the garage to save a...
  4. T

    Fix or replace?

    Evening. My local garage have said it looks like the head gasket needs replacing on my 1992 230te. It's done 170k miles. The suspension bushes also need replacing and engine mounts need doing so is going to be expensive but the question is whether it is going to be worth the money or should I...
  5. A

    C180 Replace parking Bulb

    2005 C180 parking bulb , is removal just a simple pull out from the main housing , or is ther a twist and turn required ?:dk::dk:
  6. T

    Remove original fit Nokia kit and replace with Parrot?

    My wife's CLK320 (W209 -2002) Has the original factory fit Nokia 6310i kit. Not in the centre armrest but cradle is on left hand side of centre console. Rather than spend £300+ on the Dension ipod interface and still not be able to use an Iphone as a phone ...i was wondering what's involved to...
  7. S

    How easy to replace a front camber arm ball joint in C180 estate

    Hi, I'm a newbie looking for some advice. I had my 2006 reg C180 estate serviced yesterday and was told that the offside front camber arm ball joint is needing replaced as the bush is sticking straight up and I believe it's quite urgent. It seems quite a costly job at over £300 and I...
  8. C

    w203 broken front shock absorber? Replace one or both?

    Yesterday my C Class was recovered to my local MB dealer because of a grinding/grating noise emanating from the front off-side. The reason for the noise was the lower spring cup being in contact with the wheel. The photos show one shot of the near side (with separation between the spring cup and...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    Putin to replace S-Class sedans with new ZiL limo

    Russian president Vladimir Putin has decided to replace current Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedans with a new ZiL limousine. However, a problem immediately occurs as ZiL has not made a passenger vehicle for approximately eight years (they only make trucks) and they don't have any modern armoured...
  10. I

    Cl500 w215 What power steering pump to replace the dual abc/Power steering pump?

    Hello, I am wondering if someone can help or has done similar to myself, After having removed the ABC suspension struts and replacing them with conventional struts I have obviously eradicated the need for the ABC system. One of the ABC lines and also the ABC part of the dual abc/power...
  11. WDB124066

    124 Soft Top Cylinders: How To Repair Replace

    Post 11 in this thread especially has some useful information on the repair of leaking hydraulic cylinders, and some background information about the type of hydraulic fluid and it's unique properties...
  12. MB-BTurbo

    Replacing OEM aerials for shark fins

    Before anyone says anything, Im not trying to make it look like something its not. The simple fact is they are a lot more aesthetically pleasing so would like to swap my long ungainly stick for something more rounded and pleasing to the eye. I have seen this on ebay but is it really that...
  13. T

    Want to replace "Elegance" wing badge

    Hi All, I want to remove the "Elegance" wing badge from my 53 plate E270CDI, & replace with the 'plain' one from an E55. Do these things just pop off, or are they fixed from inside the wing? Regards
  14. W

    Damaged alloy - repair or replace?

    Has anyone experience in repairing alloys? I wonder what the options are for the below wheel. I've paid for refurbished alloys before @ £50/wheel but wonder if that cost would cover the below. I've also seen a second-hand alloy on Ebay for £120, so that's another option.
  15. M

    Common key induction coil replace

    Hello iam a proud c200 2003 driver.As many mercedes onwers i have problems with my key.Everybody knows that the transpoder coil inside the key eventualy breaks.So did mine.My question is i know the resistance of the coil is 3 ohm.Has anyone measured the induction of the coil inside the key so it...
  16. MOR8A

    AMG Exhaust tips/sleeves, replace? Refurb?

    Has anyone ever been able to get hold of new chrome sleeves for their AMG exhausts? I'm thinking of ringing Sebring on Monday to see if they will supply me 4 new ones. Has anyone tried this? I'm sure they will tell me they have no way of doing this and that I will have to buy a complete...
  17. alano

    Replace blown bulbs in the speedo

    Have a 2002 clk 230 which has two or more blown bulbs which are in the speedo and rev counter. Has anyone replaced the bulbs before who can help me ?. Noob city but not wanting to use mb mech. Can anyone help ?
  18. chopper_harris

    Need to replace screen rubber retainer - A124 E Cab '95...

    Folks I decided to use a dull day to strip and lube the wiper box mechanism, which appeared a little notchy. The first part of the extensive dismantling process is to remove the lower rubber sealing trim from below the windscreen. Bugger - a large chunk of the alloy retainer crumbled and...
  19. B

    Just Taken delivery of Audi A1 to replace my merc A150

    Hi all i have just taken delivery of my new Audi A1 well i say mine but its actually for the wifey,,, as a replacement for her A150 gotta say that after inital doubts about the car after test drive and now driving for a day,, i think its prob the best small car i have ever driven! just wanted to...
  20. A

    Replace W168 speakers

    Anyone knows how to change W168 speakers? I believe there is a component solution on the front doors - 16.5cm speaker at the bottom & a tweeter at the top. I guess I could simply just change to a coaxial speakers leaving the tweeter space empty? I need some instruction on how I can replace the...
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