Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

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True....but it leads to the offence of obstruction...

From our local plod.

You should not be parking within 10 metres of a junction. Therefore, doing so is not an offence in its own right. However, action may be taken by Sussex Police if it is considered that a vehicle is parked dangerously or is causing an obstruction.

£50 fixed penalty.
I pass a green 1996 E300d estate most days, I've normally got people in the car so haven't had chance to take any pictures. Looking on line it's done over 220 000 miles.
Nope. Nothing "grey" about it. It's just unenforced....

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Opposite a T junction (double yellows or not) is another one oft forgotten......something that's very common around here.....and the reason I cant park outside my house.....not that I need to.
I had one of those to play with before it was officially launched. It was badged as a 1.0 LS.
I spoke to the owner: they bought it 2017 and have only just finished it. They were on their way to Castle Coombe.
It looked to be a fabulous restoration. The paintwork was perfect
Not sure what it was, but (in the brief moments whist it passed me) it looked & sounded rather lovely.

Sorry about the poor image angle, but by the time I had grabbed my phone & switched it to camera,,,,,,,,


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