1. clk320x


    Discovered these scratches on my car. The position on the car means it could not possibly have been hit by another car I'm thinking it must have been keyed? Fuming :mad: Any way to get these out? Thanks
  2. MSG2004

    My new GLE keyed, advice required

    Hello Yesterday evening I noted that my brand new, bought in April MB/GLE/Amg line had been keyed on the passenger side rear door, a deep almost to metal 8 inch scratch, another to the front passenger door and this is to the base coat and a lighter scratch about 10 inches long front passenger...
  3. marty359

    Sister in laws car keyed

    My sister in law lives in Guildford and had a little ding dong with another driver last week. She only passed her test a few months ago and whilst parallel parking outside her house and taking longer than it usually should the impatient driver behind got out and started abusing her. She replied...
  4. Spinal

    3 Cars Keyed

    Expletives fail me - just had some scrote key two of my cars, and my girlfriends car. No CCTV sadly, though I'm pretty confident it's one of my neighbors, who complained several times that "I have too many cars". Credit where credit is due, called 101 and the chap on the phone offered to set...
  5. cctesta

    CL500 Keyed today.

    Really gutted that when I got back to my car today some nice person had keyed every panel on the right side. Good, deep scratches!!!
  6. B

    Beloved W124 Keyed

    My lovely W124 has been keyed by some B******S starting at the back wiper and finishing off on the bonnet. Really gutted. I have found someone who will fix the damage and at the same time replace the drivers side wing which is rusty. The problem is I'm having trouble finding an original wing...
  7. CLA180SPORT

    Someone keyed my car.

    I've only had my car since Friday and someone has already keyed it. Full length of the rear door and all the way down to the metal. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I'm so angry right now I can't even begin to explain. What makes it worse is that it must have been a neighbour. I can...
  8. flango

    Some scroat's keyed my car !!!!!

    As the title, went to the supermarket today came out and I have a nice white go faster stripe the full length of the drivers side, which on a Volvo V70is a bl*ody long scratch. I just wish I could catch them doing this as I would gladly do time for pulping the one little braincell these...
  9. S

    Help with paint job after keyed boot

    Hi guys I have a CLS 2010 Diesel. Although this is my 5th merc ive never had to do a paint job on any others.. this is my first ever post on this site.... Some right w""k£r keyed a big "x" across the top of my boot as well as kicked the light... Can you please advise of the best...
  10. A

    Aaaargh, someone's keyed my car

    Noticed this yesterday lunchtime, can't recall where it may have happened, although it would have been in the last couple of days. Of course it could have been worse, at least it's just restricted to the passenger door but I'm really upset. It looks too deep to polish out too :( Why would...
  11. nadeem

    W210 Rust Free Keyed :(

    Hi, Friday night noticed my car keyed drive side, full length of the car not once or twice but three bloody times. It's so upsetting as I've only owned the car for under 4 weeks and is completely clean and rust free. For the sake person I hope I don't find him/her :mad: First thing I did was...
  12. N

    car keyed

    just found a key mark down one side. any ideas if it can be done without a visit to the body shop.
  13. azaman


    A very considerate yob/chav/loser decided to key my car down the drivers side. The door and rear quarter have a long scratch running down it. Does anyone know any good paint repair specialists in North West/West London? Would rather have the scratch repaired myself then claim on the...
  14. Barryh

    car door has just been keyed

    yes some scumbag has keyed the is surface and not too deep,probably down to primer.What is best course of action? Is it a door respray or a chips away etc type job?
  15. kjay

    My car's been keyed!!!!!!!

    I'm absolutly gutted. The low-life's have keyed the bonnet, drivers side front wing, door and rear wing. I'd just got my car to the stage where all the exterior mods are complete. And was looking forward to showing it off at the GTG. Not much else to say. I'm just so gutted.:mad: Jay. .
  16. Niks

    My car got keyed!

    Some stupid jealous delinquent decided to key my car along the front left fender and passenger door yesterday whilst it was parked up :mad: . F'ed me right off completely! Really can't understand the mentality of these irresponsible insignificant minors! In some parts along the scratch, it...
  17. fabes

    BMW driver has keyed my car!!!

    Arrgh:crazy: Fuming Just had a 2 ft long wavy scratch keyed all the way along the off side rear quarter of the Merc. The paint was curled up and still attached. Rant time Go to a big shed retail park this morning – its quiet. Find a space, miles from anyone and park up Take a moment...
  18. Theothers

    Car got keyed

    Sorry to have a rant but I am so angry, My wife works for the local Vicar and she parked our merc outside the Church in the village next to our's when she came back some low life has keyed the car right down to the metal all down the nearside. I know that insurance will cover it but it will...
  19. Tan


    My car has been the victim of a keying, the idiot has scratched the whole length of the car. Now, I am having some other bodywork done soon (because of rust), but what can i do with the scartch to prevent long term damage in the future.... i.e the dreaded rust Tan
  20. uumode

    Extremely P'ed off guy - NEW car keyed

    This happened to his new car under 7 days old AND to add insult to injury, it happened again the next day...
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